About me and this blog

This blog is entirely non-commercial and private, created to share my photographs and writing.

I started it when I found myself unable to work full-time due a chronic illness. I wanted to be able to connect with people, have conversations and learn new things, even if I was unable to get out and about at times. Also, I was determined to give myself mental challenges, and get myself out of my comfort zone in new ways. I would never have thought that I would be writing poetry, but it’s happened and I’ve won one or two awards.

I am re-defining who I am. In the past, I was a scientist. As a student I was the ‘arty farty scientist’. It would now appear I am a photographer and a poet. I began writing in 2010, but my writing has been nearly non-existent for the last three or four years. But I am always hopeful that my muse will return!

I have never liked to sit still, or be unoccupied.  However, the reality of the current situation is that I need to rest more, so I do the halfway house – my body is resting, but my mind will be flying around searching for ideas, words, different ways of seeing, of saying. When I was writing, I tried to learn to make my poetry ‘show, not tell’ …after all, that’s what a photograph does. But I found it quite a challenge to do it with words..

More recently, my personal challenges have been with expanding my photography repertoire, learning how to create images that tell a story through use of composition, attention to shutter speed, aperture, leading lines etc etc.



  1. Allan G. Smorra

    Words are a challenge for me also; images, not so much.
    Count me as a follower.

  2. Sonel

    Words are quite a challenge. I find photography much easier. Thanks for the visit to my blog. I love meeting new bloggers with the same interests. 🙂 *hugs*

  3. I appreciate your stopping by my blog earlier. Look forward to browsing through yours 🙂

    • I enjoyed browsing through your blog, some great images. The plus for me is the shots from Laos and Cambodia, places I intend to visit….thanks for following my blog!

  4. Hey Susan, Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog and the follow, hope you liked what you saw. Looking forward to seeing more from you, 🙂

    • Thanks for your return visit and comment and likes on my blog! I love ruins, decayed and abandoned places so am always drawn to images of these….

  5. Thank you for spending time on my blog. Your story is inspirational, very motivating for others. All the best

  6. Thank you for your visit and positive words…I, too, am on a journey of redefining life…an aspect of this change is to share through photography…looking forward to future visits to your blog.

  7. Love your work. What a wonderful eye… Count me an admirer…

  8. G’day Suej I love the way you interpret the world around you in both words and visions.

  9. Billie

    Hi Sue! You have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award and the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. For more on this, please visit my blog.

    Have a great Christmas and healthy and happy 2014!


    • Oh, many thanks Billie, very kind, but I don’t actually ‘do’ awards trouble is, I didn’t manage to get the award free blog button on my blog, and forgot to say I want to be award free! Is there a more deserving/more willing recipient you can give these to?

  10. Billie

    Hi Susan! You have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award and the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. For more on this, please visit my blog.

    Have a great Christmas and healthy and happy 2014!


  11. What sensitive and artistic studies, Sue, not arty farty at all. Glad to find your blog and to follow.

  12. thank you for following my blog! happy that you like it 🙂 what an interesting blog you have! for sure will be back here 🙂

  13. Great theme to build upon your blog! Keep it up!

  14. Thank you for following, Sue! Love your work.

  15. I think you are doing very well, Suej! I’m sorry to read about your chronic illness though, hope you have lots of really good days in between. Happy blogging! This a wonderful way you have chosen.
    Best wishes, Dina

    • Thanks, Dina, much appreciated. Life with MS is a challenge, but I try to concentrate on the things I can do! As I say in my poem “Am I still the same?” I am learning to ‘drive the thing’, ie work out how I can live with MS to my best effect. 🙂

  16. Uncle Spike

    Hello newest Spikey! I know, a bit corny, eh, but that’s the term that has come to stick for those folk who are part of the clan known to be followers of Uncle Spike 🙂

    Thank you… I really appreciate that as I for one, know how many interesting and entertaining blogs are out there.

    My aim is to deliver an eclectic offering of posts, from my ‘point n shoot’ attempts at basic photography, to the sharing of my travel adventures over the decades, as well as day to day happenings here on the farm. Oh, plus a few observations on life as I see it, thrown in for good measure.

    My promise to you is not to be overbearing, just a couple of posts a day, maybe 3 at weekends if I have something special to share. But if you are at a loose end one day, maybe you’ll enjoy trawling through some of my older stuff too. I have added plenty of categories to help in said digging process.

    Thanks again and hope you have a great day…


  17. Fantastic blog you have, keep it up!

  18. Hello Susan,

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and following it.

    Really enjoyed exploring your blog and you have got some really interesting posts here.

    Have a great time 🙂

  19. So nice to stumble upon your blog after I read that you are following mine. Thanks so much! I was an English teacher years ago, and we encouraged students to “show, don’t tell” quite often. It’s hard, though. Keep pursuing your dreams. I’ll be watching from my end. http://ohtheplaceswesee.com

  20. I love your attitude 🙂

    I believe that it is not always easy with MS, but your strength in your situation is very impressive.
    Great photos and great poems. Congratulations on your awards 🙂

  21. Many thanks for your comment, and for following my blog – much appreciated. My mantra this year is ‘ring the bells that still can ring’ 🙂

  22. Sue, your story is so inspiring. Your soul whispers through your words and images. You are on the right path. May you be blessed in all that you do.

  23. Let your fingers do the writing and thinking, instead.

  24. M-R

    And where are you, Sue ?

  25. Just ‘hopped’ over from Marianne’s “East of Málaga” blog via her CBBH photo challenge. Am looking forward to discovering your blog. Maggie

  26. There is still a scientist in you to be able to re-define yourself. To be able to use yourself as a subjrct, you are constantly evolving. Good for you, Sue.

  27. Sue, I came over here to say many thanks for the follow on my humble wee blog as it is greatly appreciated and you are warmly welcomed aboard. Having landed here on your about page and read the above I have to say well done for finding yourself and what you love. I spent 25 years in the financial industry before now embarking on a major change – plenty of work to do and going through the money, but loving it. Will take a look around the rest of your site, but best wishes and see you soon, MM 🍀

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  29. Hi Sue, Thank you for following my photography blog, Jane’s Lens. I hope you are inspired. I hope you are feeling well and enjoying your poetry and photography.

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  31. What an intriguing place. Anyone appreciating ruins, decayed and abandoned sounds like a good trail to follow.

  32. I think body resting and mind racing is a good way to go about it. It’s funny how life changes and opens up opportunities we never would have explored 🙂

  33. Hi! I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award – https://analindenblog.wordpress.com/2015/03/28/the-inspiring-blogger-award/
    If and when you have the time, write a brief post about the award and pass it on to other bloggers you appreciate.

  34. Got an email address there Sue – got a question for ya..

  35. Hello Susan, you have amazing photos and I would like to challenged you to the Black and White photo 5 day challenge, it’s just for fun so totally up to you if you accept, for more info follow this link: http://throughopenlens.com/2015/04/03/parakeets-guard-post/

  36. Sue,

    You have some great images in here, and I certainly identify with re-defining one’s self. I’m turning myself into a naturalist-photographer.

    It beats the hell out of my previous life as an office drone who used to sit in up to four hours of rush hour traffic each day.

    I look forward to following your blog.



  37. You have beautiful flower pictures and I think it’s nice that you concentrate yourself on the things you like 🙂

    What kind of camera do you use ?

    • Sue

      Thank you, much appreciated. The Nature Morte thing was something I decided to do because of my love of beauty in decay but inability to find decaying buildings etc near me…job done! I used to use a Nikon D300 with a 50mm prime for most of these flower shots. I now use an Olympus OMD EM1 with a 45mm prime. I’m pleased with the results

      • I also have a 50 mm lense, and I’m very happy with it. And… I can’t believe it, but I’m also thinking about buying an olympus OMG EM1 with a kit lense. That’s a coincidence ! I want to change mainly bcause my dslr is really bulky and I would like something light I can take wherever I want. So you would recommend the Olympus ?

      • Sue

        I would! If you get the EM1 with the 12-40 pro lens, you would be well set up for a while – that lens has a constant 2.8 widest aperture which is great…but it does make the whole camera a bit heavier. I use a tiny pancake lens for my street photography. I love the diminutive size, the weight, the retro look, the feel in my hands, the optics are good, the dials are well placed…what more can you want! Well, if you are a pixel peeper you would want a larger sensor, but I’m happy with the results….

      • I’m not a professional photographer, I take most of the pictures for myself, but I don’t print them in a huge size. So I’m not too picky about the sensor. I’ll have a look at the 12-40 mm lens 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation !

  38. Hi Sue I am nominating you for 5 photos 5 stories There’s no obligation Sue, have fun if you want to join in!

    The challenge is to just “post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge”.

  39. You seem to be still on your break from blogging Sue – it’s always good to see your name crop up though, thanks for the ‘like’ this morning 🙂

  40. Hi, Sue! I have been nominated in a challenge to post my three favorite quotes, one each for three consecutive days. With each post I have to nominate three bloggers for the challenge. I took the liberty of nominating you. No obligation, of course! But if you feel like it, please join the fun. You will have to recognize the blogger who nominated you 🙂 and of course nominate others. I hope you join and have a kick out of it! Here’s the post, where I nominated you: https://shootngo.wordpress.com/2015/06/17/quotes-i-henry-cartier-bresson/

  41. Delighted you stopped by my blog Sue so that I could find yours! It’s amazing to see all those familiar names in the commenters too , wordpress is a fascinating community!

  42. Hello, Sue,

    Good to hear from you, and thank you very much for following my blog. I’m somewhat like you re the arts and sciences thing, and so thought to tell you. I was a scientist / analyst all my working life, but due to the genetic input of a creative grandmother – which two of us, with different parents, have – I have always been seeing beauty around me, and I used to simply point cameras at it. Since about 2003, I’ve made photography my main thing, and really thought long and hard about it, and my blog is a result of that. And now that I’m retired the opportunities for this kind of activity are limitless. But I’m NOT like you in that I must always be active – maybe “lazy” is the word, or then again “savouring the moment”! Very good to hear from you. Adrian 🙂

  43. Hey Sue,
    Love what you’re doing here! I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Would be great if you accept!

    • Sue

      Many thanks for thinking of me, but I don’t do awards…must post that somewhere on my blog. Anyway, I’m chuffed you thought of me 🙂

  44. Thanks so much for following ZimmerBitch.

  45. Your photographs are really beautiful! I’m glad we met via Meg’s blog. 🙂

  46. ‘a chronic illness’
    sending you healing thoughts.

  47. Hi there Sue,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the blogosphere and for the follow. I hope that you get as much pleasure from it as I do,
    Looking forward to seeing more from you 🙂


  48. I don’t know why I never read this before!! As an aspiring short story writer I love poetic scientists!

  49. Paul Batten

    Hi Sue, I’m the guy who stopped you (for a bit) from photographing Polesden Lacey by asking you about cameras! Thanks so much for your good advice and thoughts. I like your website too!

  50. Sue – looking forward to see you back again! I hope your holidays has been great. Now, I want to thank you with the whole of my heart for all your positive comments and support 2015 – in fact you are my most frequent commenter! Hope to see you soon! Hugs from me in a rainy Sweden.

  51. I have a question for you… could you mail me at brudberg (at) gmail,com

  52. My undergrad degree was in science, too (nursing) but I’ve never seen the dichotomy between art and science. Working hospice most of my career, I loved to incorporate the arts–now, like you, that is where my energy lies, kindred spirit.

  53. Lovely blog Sue. I was wondering just yesterday if my science trained brain has made poetry harder for me to process. I loved writing poems all through lower school but then went into heavy sciences followed by a work life of near pure pragmatism. Despite my best efforts I wonder if I need to retrain my brain or is it a matter of ‘allowing’ myself time to simply appreciate the aesthetics of words – I think I jump immediately to working out what things mean and that doesn’t work for poetry.

  54. Just a quick hello to see how you are Sue. I saw you back at Tish’s so I hope you are doing OK, just on a break from posting. Hugs.

  55. I consider myself to be a writer, but poetry is different from prose. I find it to be more challenging than the former, but I’ve talked to people for whom the opposite is true. I suppose it depends on subtle differences in how we think?

    Anyway, I believe it’s quite powerful to blend science and art. I’m trying to become a conservationist, and conservation requires both elements. Various forms of science (including traditional ecological knowledge) help us learn more about the natural world and how humans act towards it, whereas the arts provide useful tools for changing hearts and behaviors: especially since the majority of the world’s population now lives in urban areas. So I think being an “artsy” scientist is an advantage in today’s world. The view that either discipline is superior to the other is antiquated and maybe even harmful, depending on what one’s ultimate goal is.

    On the topic of photography, I’m in the opposite position as you: I’m a writer (albeit an amateur one) who’d love to break into the world of photography. Unfortunately finances have always prevented me from doing so, because I can’t afford more than a cell phone camera! Hopefully that will change soon.

    • Sue

      Well, Josh, the best camera is the one you have with you, and modern phones have good capability. As far as I am concerned, it’s not about the gear, it’s the eyes and mind behind the camera….

  56. Good for you, Sue. You’ve done a wonderful job of reinvention. 🙂 I started as more of a writer, then fell into mostly photography, and am now trying to balance the two, although some of my writing is in different areas. It’s a balancing act, isn’t it.


  57. Life is all about reinventing yourself. Thanks for sharing your story. Bravo for your effort to create a life that works for you. Poetry and photography are two of my great loves. Good luck on this blogging adventure. I will be following along.

  58. Hi Sue, I’m looking forward to following you and your poetry! Some of the challenges on my new blog will be on writing poetry about places (I’ve written some but not a lot and would like to push myself more.) Thanks for finding me by way of Jo. And thanks for following. I’m looking forward to reading more by you. 🙂

  59. Pleased to meet you. I am also a poet so will be looking to read some of your poetry (I hope) 🙂

  60. It’s a good blog, poetry, thoughts and photography play well together. Sometimes easier, sometimes more difficult…keep on the good work!

  61. Inspiring blog. Keep up the good work!

  62. Nice! Really nice!

    It is a bit uncanny though, I’ve got a chronic illness (PD) that turned my life upside down. Turned to writing again as well, first just to give me something to do, now it’s starting to feel fulfilling.

  63. Hi, Sue. I want to get in touch with you while we are in the UK. What’s a good way to reach you?

  64. Yes! It is: patriciamoed@gmail.com. We’ll be here for another 3 weeks–until Nov. 10. I’d love to connect with you!

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  66. I share your sentiments and some life experience as in chronic illness, managing rest, and a love of photography and writing. Thank you for creating this awesome blog and warm wishes for continued wellness.:-)

  67. Hi Sue. I invite you to be one of my collaborators as I have an idea. The supplied link is an overview of what I do with collaborators at Beach Walk Reflections. Please consider & touch base with me by my email on WP Dashboard. https://beachwalkreflections.wordpress.com/collaborators/

  68. Sue, I hope you will receive this comment in your email. I want to apologize for accidentally trashing your reply on my blog. I tried to make amends on the site, but I wanted you to be sure to know that I am sorry. Please see https://lindagrashoff.com/2022/02/06/more-snow-2/#comment-10891.

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