Black & White Sunday: After and Before

I have previously posted the monochrome image which is the  ‘after’ but make no apologies for doing so again as I have a busy day today!  I am pleased to see Paula’s After and Before, because I was thinking I wanted to show the colour image!

The black and white I have managed to make much more moody, in keeping with the car graveyard and general decay – the colour one to my eyes looks too cheerful! At this point, we weren’t so far into the trees, and there was a lot of sunlight and of course, contrast.

Ford Anglia, Kyrko Mosse

…and here is the original colour image:

Ford Anglia amidst the moss, Kyrko Mosse

Which one works best for you, and why?? Do tell!

Linked to Paula’s Black & White Sunday here.



  1. Catastrophies are more real in B&W!

  2. For me the first one.

  3. I accept what the others are saying about the black and white, but the colour shot is more nostalgic for me, simply because of the old paintwork. You don’t see cars in those colours these days, and it took me back to happier times, despite the decay.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. I can’t decide, but I really enjoy to see the two next to each other.

  5. Definitely the first for its moody drama.

  6. I agree, with Beetleypete … because it wasn’t a depressed or sad place … it was full of beauty and I think B&W makes it look after a war – sorry!!!!

  7. I agree with Anna, Sue. The B&W is certainly more atmospheric, but I do like the color (colour) version as well.


  8. Each works on a different level, and also seems to have a slightly different story to tell. I like them both equally — because I like a variety of stories!

  9. I’m with Pete, I like the drama of B&W but that colour one sings to me.

  10. Sue, it is difficult to chose one other the other as they both seem to capture my eye. Pushing myself, for a moment or two, I think I’ll chose the color as it seems to invite me to story the image while the black and white gives me a sense of completion within the image.

  11. I like the colored version better, as the green textures add to the feeling the plants are eating the car….but I guess its just about personal taste….

  12. Personal taste…yes. I was around when my husband had an old Anglia, so I guess I like them both. Drama and Nostalgia – as said before!

  13. I travelled in a blue Ford Anglia through Greece in 1971, picked up whilst hitch-hiking at the then Yugoslavian border by two English lads who had driven down from Hertfordshire! Happy days 🙂

  14. Colour is far better at creating context: b&w moodiness and mystery.

  15. B&W better, but the rust looks good in colour.

  16. HI Sue, as for me, with the color image, the focal point may be the car, but when there is color, as with this, my eyes are drawn to the background to see was is in the distance, as well as the water puddle in front of the shot. With the black and white image, the focal point is the car, and only the car, for myself I am not distracted in the B&W image as the only thing i really want to focus on is the car entirely. 🙂 Great shot!

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  18. I am partial to black and white, Sue 🙂 though I must admit I like the colour here too. Nobody has a knack for depicting derelict as you do.

  19. I think I prefer the color one, the green is so important for the atmosphere

  20. The colour just looks decrepit and depressing whereas the black and white becomes arty and interesting. 🙂 🙂

  21. A car from the black and white era. My preference is black and white

  22. B&W for this one as it makes the vehicle more of a stronger point of focus.

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