A Cup of Coffee and a Book (33)

Another Still Life, sort of worked…..the Blue lFlower of the book, a blue flower in the appliqué work on the table, a single blue eryngeum and, of course, blue on the coffee cup….but somehow it doesn’t altogether come together

Comments please…..



  1. I find the ‘twiggy’ stalk to the right keeps drawing my eye. Maybe lose that? Just me perhaps.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. No, there is a good idea here not quite coming out. I’m wondering what would pull it together.

  3. That’s a writer that passed me by, booker winner as well.
    It gets a good review: what did you think of it?
    Like the composition, as the handle takes the eye into the book.

    • Sue

      Thanks, David! Penelope Fitzgerald writes marvellous prose, and is very good at characterisation….this was a rather wistful, elliptical novel and I enjoyed it, though I hadn’t expected to as it is in a historical setting.

  4. I think you could probably take out the eryngeum, but otherwise I like it.😊

  5. I would pull back a little bit and give the scene a bit more air.

  6. Hard to say without trying it. For me, maybe put mug top left, maybe not all showing (though the top edge blends well). Maybe not the right flower, though I love it normally (and actually took some with the same spiky beast today). Or just more light on the head of the eryngium – maybe you could force the blinds a bit further apart?

    • Sue

      Hey ho! Blinds letting in more light only serves to obliterate the book as it overexposes….I shall be playing with some different elements….

  7. I’m thinking the same as a Pete, and maybe move everything slightly to the right (or the cloth to the left) so the blue embroidered flower is more prominent than the pink. I found the proximity of cup and quite detailed embroidery drew my attention to that part of the image at the expense of the rest. Not sure about the filtered light from the blinds; one element too many maybe?

    • Sue

      Thanks for the input, Su!

      • Hi sue – I enjoyed the comments as much as your invitation to explore this photo with you.
        My take?
        The cup seems out of place.
        The tablecloth, book, And real flower are a nice trio and the light coming in brings peace. A reader’s peace with garden delight.
        The coffee mug is what seemed misplaced to me.
        Maybe a vintage tea cup – or a very plain white mug.
        This mug just had a strong design and is it 70s/80s mugware? Not that it matters – but the book and tablecloth seemed to sync in period and so the coffee mug was off in that way – but also with the thick, heavy band of design near the top. That pulled from the flow of the real flower and other floral elements.
        But not totally
        In another sense – tension can be good- and the rich contents inside the mug brings in flavor to the photo – makes the photo more alive with it – the human touch is felt –
        A drink waiting –
        Without the mug all full like that – we could have a timeless setting – and so this is active and in a real moment.
        Lastly – I do like the light lines (mood) and tablecloth (quality but slightly wrinkled so unpretentious)
        such an original still life
        Nice work

      • Sue

        Thanks, Yvette! I love a good comment, and whilst I like tension in an image, this was too many elements pulling in different ways, perhaps. The demi tasse coffee cup is actually early ‘90s…. 😊

      • 😉
        Such a fun composition to explore – have a great day

      • Sue

        Have a lovely day yourself!

  8. You can’t eradicate the light!!!! I think I like the idea of trying to eradicate the pink from the embroidery. Or try it without the cloth. I’m partial to the wooden table. Book cover’s a bit minimal – maybe be guided by that? I dunno. Whom am I to suggest anything to anybody???? I’ll go and refrigerate the leftovers and watch some modern dance.

    • Sue

      Well, I probably won’t revisit that one….other fish to fry, but it’s been interesting getting peoples comments, and some very valid ones

  9. I’d cut off the stem just below the bud, I think it is just that extra bit of stem that detracts. Still marvellous though, I can only dream of creating things like this xx

  10. Here’s my two penn’orth for what it is worth. I like the book cover and the blue flower in the tablecloth. I think the Eryngium can be done away with, it doesn’t add anything and I would like to see the coffee cup filled with coffee to add some contrasting darker tones. Otherwise I like the light and the positioning of the items.

  11. I don’t like being distracted by the strong stain on the inside of the cup. Otherwise I loved it. I liked the interplay of the title and the actual flower.

  12. In for a penny, and all that. The whole thing looks dingy and I don’t like it. But you’ve done some beauties. Can’t win em all 🙂 🙂

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