Six Word Saturday: Everyone, EVERYONE, is using their phone

On the train, I was the only one not glued to my phone…tech is taking over:

Behind me, there were three more.

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  1. And under your post is an advert for Samsung/3 phones!

  2. This is a wonderfully telling shot Sue. I see the same here — even people in obvious groups, isolated from their companions (I use the word loosely) by technology.

  3. And now I find myself using My phone much more than I want…

  4. Modern society in one photo. Dependence on external stimulation because of lack of imagination.
    Great capture, Sue. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  5. And being in Cornwall I am also seeing adverts for the Cornish Pasty Championship! It was the ads that made me finally pay for a couple of my sites. I got fed up of those horrible ones, and how ads don’t always appear at the bottom of a post but anywhere – above and below a photo, at the end, on the top. I decided that as blogging is my main hobby it is a small sum to pay to get rid of the annoyances.
    Back to the photo – I don’t think it is any worse looking at your phone if you are on your own – no different to reading a book or magazine or newspaper – and in fact they may well be doing any of those things on their phones. I just find it odd when a couple are out for a meal and they hardly even look at each other let alone speak!

  6. There’s a photo that does the rounds of social media occasionally – a train carriage in, maybe, the 1950s, and every head hidden behind a newspaper! Plus ça change …

    I’m going to defend them! At least two of your travelling companions have head or ear phones so are probably listening to music. I read on my phone or tablet on train journeys, and if there’s something I don’t know (a word definition, info about someone in the news) I can look it up straight away! I would probably have forgotten to do it by the time I got home, so I think I learn more by using my phone. I agree it’s less appropriate in company, of course.

  7. At least they’re on the train and not driving and texting! I find I have to work a bit at not being on my phone when I’m waiting or something similar. I like to have a book, but my phone is easier to carry and I could put a Kindle app on it and actually read, even though I don’t love to do that as the phone is so small. It does bother me that people sit together for coffee/meals/whatever and still have their phones out and getting more attention sometimes than the person or people they’re with.

    That being said, Anabel brings up some good points, too. I guess we all have to figure out how to best manage our time and it probably doesn’t even seem odd to this generation. The ones I wonder about, though, are those using phone while walking. For Pete’s sake, people, (sorry, beetleypete), look around you for a change!


  8. It’s so prevalent these days. On the positive side, at least they’re occupied and not just sitting staring into space, or at you. 🙂

  9. Well, on a boring journey… Guilty as charged- I do sometimes text my 6 word answers walking down to t’ai chi, otherwise I’d still be doing this at midnight. 🙂 🙂

  10. poppytumpno4

    No getting away from it nowadays Sue … :/ But then it can be jolly useful in many circumstances. Draw the line at meal times though .. no trouble with that get but having youngsters around so chained to their phones would I’m sure make proper conversations and gatherings more challenging !

  11. What I always wonder is what they are so focused on. At least when people were looking at books you could sneak a look at the dust jacket and then make up stories about the fellow passengers.

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