Six Word Saturday: In another, quieter, world circa 1950

Now I depart from the six word rule…..

In my search for photographs, came across this old print, one of my father’s images. I always liked it, and must get a frame for it. It deserves not to be shut away. I have no idea what happened to the negative, and this scan is quite poor

Cotswold village street, 1950s



  1. Such an atmospheric shot, and the kind of quieter world I remember, though mine was in rural Cheshire. Also striking is the ‘triangulation’ of 3 people, each setting off with purpose.

  2. It would be a perfect One, if there were two less characters, Sue. 🙂 🙂 You obviously liked the same things. I really like it too. What do you have on your walls?

  3. Widespread car ownership changed the face of this country in my childhood. Not only in pretty Cotswold villages, but in big cities too. I am old enough to remember when my Dad was the only car owner, in a dead-end street of 24 houses and 48 families. In the space of ten years, that changed beyond recognition.
    Nice to have some photos taken by your father. I have some stuck in albums, but also do not have any negatives.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. A lovely record of how peaceful it used to be. I guess most of us threw our negatives away

  5. That is Bibury, I think, and the row of Cottages now NT Property. But it also illustrates well that a good viewpoint never changes when left virtually untouched. Still a great location to photograph today. 🙂

    • Sue

      So, no cars? Thanks for the information, Bibury certainly rings a distant bell…..

    • Yes, this is the iconic Arlington Row, NT, in Bibury. What a lovely mood it has! It definitely deserves a frame, Sue.
      Today there’s a car parked most of the time, at the end of the road, behind your father’s back.
      We visited Bibury in November, late afternoon. All the buses were gone, but still lots of visitors. I had to be really patient to get the shots I got. I wouldn’t mind persons like in this capture, they belong there and add to the atmosphere. There’s something different with groups of Asian tourists giggling in front of every building. A group of 5 means every one takes a photo of the others, posing, reposing …

      • Sue

        Maddening…that’s why I like this 1950s image….

      • I know exactly what you mean. I first photographed this setting for a travel magazine back in the 60’s. Using a heavy 5″x4″ view camera and wooden tripod, with colour film of 25 ISO (we called ASA in those days)…but what I remember after waiting an age for the light to be right a smarty pants walked along saw what I was doing and hung around in the middle of the road for ages…I did keep my patience 🙂

      • Sue

        Well done for staying patient! D’you know when the National Trust bought Arlington Row?

      • Always best to be patient…protest and they normally hang around on purpose. Not sure when the Row became NT. I am pretty sure it wasn’t in the 60’s when I first went there, but slowly became aware of NT presence over the years.

      • Sue

        OK….well, that would fit, because I’m sure it wouldn’t have been NT when my father was there in the ’50s

      • I have been there lots of times since the mid 60’s and cannot identify the arrival of NT… there approach was never as brash as it is today.

      • Sue

        I spoke to a nice chap at the NT yesterday….he told me they acquired it in 1949….

      • Now that is a surprise. Just shows you that they used to have a low profile…much better than the cash machine it is now !

      • Sue

        Absolutely, couldn’t agree more, David! I told the chap I was amazed that it was so early!

      • Well done! And how interesting! 🙂

  6. I like this photo of a village from long ago, Sue.

  7. Tish is right – the three people draw you into the picture. When we have exhausted all our options re fuel maybe life will return to something like this. Not in my lifetime though.

  8. Lovely old image. I moment in time well captured. I like the dark.

  9. Yes this would be lovely framed and on the wall. I only have one of my photos up.

  10. Pit

    How absolutely interesting! 🙂

  11. Arlington Row in Bibury? Great and thx for visiting my Blog. dear Sue.

    Best regards


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