A trip down memory lane, via old advertising signs

I love the old metal signs that you had on railway stations… virtually all the items existing only in the memory and on old tin signs!

Here are a few I saw yesterday at the Bluebell Railway:



  1. My Mum worked for Peek Frean’s for many years, in the accounts office. (We lived in the house next door to the factory.) And I am old enough to have actually smoked Gold Flake cigarettes! They are still sold, in India. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I love vintage signs such as these, Sue. Happy Sunday!

    • Sue

      Glad you like’em! Not Happy Sunday for me, because I can only create blog posts on a friend’s iPad, and can’t be imposing on her too often….. Anyway, hope you have a great Sunday!

  3. I also love these old signs and posters…and on fb they always have this: “Do you know what this is? If you do – Like and share” etc. Memories, memories…

  4. Saw some similar signs in Raleigh NC. So much fun, aren’t they?!

  5. I really like them too. There are quite a few in the Preston Park museum, close by us. 🙂 🙂 Problems with your PC, Sue- I saw the iPad reference?

    • Sue

      Yep, nothing doing with the iPad, spoke to Apple who suggested it will be issues with an old Operating System…it is 6 now, so will need replacing…..hang on, so will the Mac, and I need to replace that first. As Abba said, Money, Money, Money, must be funny, in a rich man’s world…. And I ain’t rich

      • And it’s not funny! 😦 I don’t have anything Apple for just that reason.

      • Sue

        Well, I like Appley things, because to my way of seeing, they work more seamlessly…PCs that I owned always seemed to have issues/need maintenance, and I have trundled along with these items for a good few years

  6. I’m always happy to find a vintage sign! Trouble is I remember them. Hope you managed to resolve the iPad issue. I know there have been problems in the past with WP themes showing, or not, on old OS. I only use PCs myself as I find they are less expensive to buy than Apple products. Once upon a time I could fix any problems myself – not so easy now though.

    • Sue

      Tee hee…I remember some vintage signs, and I must dig out an image I took on a car jolly some years back…
      As to the iPad and Mac issues, a chat with Apple Support confirmed my fears…both machines too old to have the latest browser support, which is leading to issues.
      But, prior to that I cleared the cache on the iMac, and it is slowly functioning. And I have discovered another way to create posts on the iPad…a bit less functional, but it works…and I sussed that myself, so there’s life in the old brain yet…
      I shall have to bite the bullet and upgrade soon, though. And it will be Apple, as I abhor PCs now..used them for long enough in the past

      • Nothing lasts forever now. I still have a desktop PC which is 10 years old, but can’t be upgraded memory wise so it is very very slow. Otherwise nothing wrong with it 😦

      • Sue

        Yep, I have an 11 or 12 year old PC which is used occasionally for scanning slides…my scanner doesn’t work with the Mac…. I had to P change the BIOS battery last year, but aside from that it’s fine,….because it is never hooked up to the internet

      • I don’t use mine on the internet either, though I can if I want to. Main use is a finance package that MS discontinued much to my horror as it works perfectly for tracking accounts and also producing reports for the tax man!

      • Sue

        So how do you access the Internet? Phone?

      • No. I have a gaming laptop – only sort where you get fast boot up, large storage and memory. Expensive, but a replacement desktop. Also has a decent sized screen. Too heavy for travelling with unless going by car, but I also have a Windows Surface which is brilliant for that.

      • Sue

        Ah, OK! Didn’t have you down as a gamer…but I think you only have such a laptop for it’s features!!

      • You are quite right, I am not a gamer, but the laptop does have the best features. Though back in the day I was known to play PacMan 🙂

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