On the Journey….Taking ourselves from here to there

Adapting, bit by bit

Cathy is asking how we take ourselves from here to there.for me, that’s an interesting one. In the past, a lot of my here to there was by car, the parts on foot. Or by train, or plane. But the difference between then and now isn’t so much the mode of transport, so much as the additional planning needed, the energy expended, the frustrations.

When you find yourself less able-bodied, suddenly what you took for granted becomes an almost insurmountable obstacle. Well, it doesn’t need to be, but it does take a lot of planning, a good dose of compromise, and at times, a considerable amount of precious energy. And that can be daunting for a single traveller.

But I’m not about to give up on the few adventures that I can manage.

I visited Cuba for the first time over a decade ago, hired a car, and drove 600 miles across the island. Fabulous.

Always wanted to return, but no longer anywhere near as fit and able as I was, and worrying about my health, I decided to dip a toe into Havana during a cruise. But I wanted to do what I wanted in the short time available.

I contacted a Cuban tour company in advance, booked a trip in a taxi for a few hours as I can no longer walk far, and especially not in higher temperatures. I turned up on the appointed day, at the agreed hour, and job done. It was great.

We drove around, I told the driver when I wanted to stop, got out, took photographs, then back into the car ready for the next stop. I was well looked after,  I got some interesting images, got a small insight into Cuban life, and enjoyed my few hours.

Counting the money at the butcher’s

I am sad that I am unlikely to see more of Cuba, but have to be realistic, and at least I have spent time there on those two occasions.

So now I know to think outside the box, and work out how and if I can achieve something. If money was no object, it would be a lot easier, but at least I can still do things to some degree! And I have plenty of people whose experience I can draw upon to give me new ideas, new perspectives.

Each journey brings different challenges, but with a bit of thought, there are often ways to manage.




  1. I think it’s great to hear about your planned taxi tour, Sue. The fact that it turned up as arranged, and you saw all you wanted to see, that’s encouraging indeed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. As “they” say, Sue, “You go, girl!”


  3. This is great, Sue. All of us have to manage however we can, and though it isn’t always possible because of the expense, we can certainly appreciate those times when we can pull it together. I’m sure you remember fondly the time you went a decade ago and hired a car to drive 600 miles! But to go again on a cruise to dip your toe in, and then hire a taxi, sounded like the perfect solution to enjoy the island for a second time. At least that’s what I understand from reading this, right? I love your pictures. I really want to go to Havana sometime!

  4. As we get older we have to become more creative to find solutions for getting from here to there. Well done, Sue!

  5. Brilliant! Making the most of opportunities and overcoming limitations. And taking some very excellent photos.

  6. The thing I find that you and Viveka have in common is your fighting spirit, Sue. Neither one of you is going down without a protest. I know it can’t be easy, and very frustrating at times, but I do admire you for it. And as Tish says, great photos, of a place many of us would like to visit even once. 🙂 🙂

  7. You’re an inspirational traveller, and put me to shame with all my precious angst about which Tshirts to pack

  8. My brother (who had MS) never gave up despite his many problems and still managed to go places even though it involved a lot of expense and a carer and wheelchair access etc etc and even though he was hospitalised on a few occasions and even air lifted home on one, he still kept his sense of humour. Seems you are a fighter too Sue.

  9. I hope to visit Cuba one day. I think you’re very brave to travel alone and love your taxi story. So happy you had a good experience, Sue. Great photos. 😃

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  11. Well done Sue. Havana sounds so fascinating. My gypsy soul yearns to go to places like that. But age, lack of money and so far away limits what I can do these days. So I enjoy following other blogs up and away…

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