Anticipating travels, a bit of a reminisce

Responding to a piece written by Cathy of Wanderessence, where she commented that “Part of the thrill of travel is in the anticipation”

I could not agree more. As soon as I have a trip planned, booked or even before, I am doing as much searching, reading, looking at photographs as I can. And the maps will come out…

Anticipation can be heady, you get so involved with the possibilities of a place. And then comes the preparation. In the past, we did a lot of travelling in an old sportscar. It was small as well as old, so there was the need to keep packing down to a couple of small bags/cases, and the need to have the car prepared for its trip, as well has having some spares with us.

Part of the fun of anticipation was planning the trip home (we used to do Classic car tours, so the first major part of the journey was organised and very sociable, but also tiring because of the sheer number of miles covered, and in an elderly vehicle!)

So I would have a lot of enjoyment in working out the most interesting journey home, both in terms of route and in overnight stops. We found some great places, and I had some interesting books to refer to…mostly pre-Internet times…. I used to phone to reserve a room, and follow it up with a fax to confirm, in the local language.

I was younger and fitter in those days, so it was all an adventure. Now, I don’t do all the organising, and find packing more of a nightmare…. But I still do it, because of the thrill of seeing new places, meeting new people.






  1. This is lovely, Sue. 🙂 🙂 A whole new side of you. I love the photo of the cars tootling along.

  2. I remember the days of investigating maps, marking off places of interest, or routes along foreign motorways. Now the thought of negotiating busy autoroutes no longer appeals, and the interminable airport delays put me off of all but first class travel, which I cannot afford. Maybe if I won the lottery…
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Always worth doing…for the memories alone 🙂

  4. Traveling is a lot like an important holiday – the anticipation can almost be more fun than the actual event. But that said, I also worry before I travel- enough packed? Not enough packed? Will my plants live? Will I get homesick? Do I really want to go away? But an hour after I’ve begun the trip, I don’t think of home once, just the thrill of all that I’m doing/seeing/learning.

  5. I love this, Sue. I love the photo of the sports car driving down the road. What kind was it? Also, I love maps and the promise they carry. I am intrigued by that Route Book. What is it exactly? Does it contain maps or just pages for jotting down the route? That would be just my cup of tea!

    I remember the days when you had to phone ahead for reservations. We used to get a Triptik from AAA with our exact route figured out. How things have changed!

    You really captured the thrill of anticipation. Thanks so much for participating in this week’s invitation. You’ll be my only guest on this one! 🙂

    • Sue

      Thanks, Cathy! It was my car (a Healey Sprite) I was driving round the Salzburgring, a motor racing circuit in Austria…a friend took the photo for me. As for the route book, that was instructions on how to drive the whole route, the checkpoints etc, in the form of Tulip diagrams (as used on car rallies). All a huge adventure…..

      I do miss all that, but just have to concentrate on the here and now, or I might be in a dark place

      • That’s a good piece of information about that car, Sue. And I love that part about the Salzburgring and the motor racing circuit. So that book was put out by the Classic Car tour for the entire group? It all sounds so much fun, and so classy! Thanks for sharing this. I loved it!

      • Sue

        We had a lot of fun, and I made some good friends back then

  6. I find the planning and researching is such fun. The actual leaving home not so much now, but once I am away I love it. Pre-internet travel took such a lot more planning and often not quite knowing where one might end up.

  7. So many good memories Sue of an adventurous past

  8. With travel good planning is the key. And with planning comes anticipation, which could be filled with joy even before you begin your travel. Great post!

  9. You are “one tough cookie”!! I love the sense of anticipation you create and that shot of the Healey Sprite, you at the wheel, driving round the Salzburgring is a classic. What memories!

    • Sue

      I have been called a tough cookie before now! I think you are one, too, Meg! Anyways, I have lots of good memories from my adventurous past…..

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  11. I completely agree! I love the anticipation, the planning, the researching! My boyfriend and I are currently planning an almost 2 year trip away and everyday I wake up thinking about how we’re one day closer! 🙂 That photo is great, it must evoke such amazing memories! 🙂

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