Black & White Sunday: After and Before (and a brief blogging break for me)

Here we are for another Black & White Sunday, After and before..first, the monochrome conversion, which works because of the strong elements of colour, shape and texture in the original:

..and now for the initial image, shown a week or so ago – see, you almost don’t need the colour!:

See more After and Before at Paula’s here

I’m now off for a short break to rest the eyes and feed my soul with meetings with friends. Back soon!



  1. They both work, but I still like the colour one best.
    Enjoy your break, Sue.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I kinda like the colored one more to be honest, or maybe a mixture of the two would be the perfect one. More texture like the black and white one but with a hint of color still…I think the color gives it a more vintage look, there are these nice tones of red and orange and brown, very warm. Seeing the two on the same page, my eyes always end up staring at the colored one. I think the color here also acts like a visual guide, there are certainly more points of interest in this version than the b&w. In the b&w i’m drawn by the leather and the texture but that’s it my eyes don’t really continue to wander…

  3. There’s enough texture in the B&W. Works for me.

  4. I like the black and white version better, because I think the colors compete with each other in the color version. I feel more free to explore the individual objects in the B&W version.

  5. I like the black and white version best. Enjoy your rest and come back renewed!

  6. I think b & w works best with a high contrast subject, which you have. Still, I prefer the color because of the well worn leather Agfa case, which seems to show up better in color.

  7. I agree with the above, Sue, Emilio said it. And do enjoy your blog break – come back freshly renewed!

  8. The monochromatic gives each small and larger detail emphasis. And then it works as a whole. Things get lost for me in the color image.

  9. Feed well while you’re gone, Sue. I agree with those above who like the color image better. But as I said to Emilio a bit earlier, it really depends what you want to emphasize and, for me, how I feel. Today I feel color. 🙂


  10. Sue, they are both good, I think it depends on the viewer and what kind of mood they are in. As today was lovely and sunny, I like the photo in colour. Enjoy your rest and see you later Lynne 🙂

  11. I absolutely love the color version. The colors are compelling, and the texture of the leather cases looks better in color.

  12. I like the black and white this time.

  13. Some elements work well in monochrome, but I think the photography book looks better in colour and I’m still not keen on the mug either way. Have a good break! I think I might need to take one soon, if only to work on some new posts! So many photos to edit. 🙂

  14. Black and white for me this time. Enjoy your break. It’s obviously contagious – I hadn’t seen this when I decided to taper off. Replenish richly, my friend.

  15. Glad you said ‘almost’. For me there’s not enough contrast to the first and I absolutely love the colour. Sorry if I’ve missed you, Sue, but take good care! 🙂 🙂

  16. As others point to, there are pros and cons for both versions of the photo. In the end I prefer the B&W. As you sort of write yourself, the colours are not important. Beside the B&W builds up around the feeling of a capture from a different time.

  17. It’s hard to say which I like more, their both so pretty. I think the black and white one catches my eye a bit more with the contrast it gives.

  18. perfect in monochrome but I like the colour version too! ( sorry I’m so behind!)

  19. I love how you experiment with your images Sue. It certainly makes an interesting contrast on the same page. I’m torn between the two, love the texture of he monochrome, but also love the way the colour brings out the vintage look. So I guess I have to sit on the fence…. enjoy your break, I enjoyed mine, but maybe a year was too long… 👋🏻

  20. I like them both, but prefer monochrome – it makes your table tidier ;). I have just returned to blogging and haven’t checked if you are back already.

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