Postcards from my past / 11

Continuing the trawl through the Greek Island archive, here goes for animals…for milk, for the cooking pot in time, and as beasts of burden….. A few of these images I haven’t really seen before, because they were a tad underexposed. Digital has shown me some new scenes, three decades later!

I have five such images that are ‘One’s and will be shown in the next couple of posts. But before we get to those, here is a scene that I actually recall, but hadn’t realised I had a photograph. My then partner and I drove into the interior of Crete a few times, and I particularly remember the Lasithi plateau and its few remaining windmills, and the Katharon plateau which was quite remote and had quite hair raising roads with stunning views. I recall driving up a dirt road, and along the way we would come across shepherds and goatherds and their flocks:

Cretan goatherds

A difficult, and I’m sure rather lonely life. These two were quite happy to pose for us! I also remember beehives, and soon after these we came across an elderly man who we stopped to ask directions from. He could speak no English, but he did speak German, so I was able to have a rudimentary conversation. He gave us walnuts from his tree, and some very strong, rough spirit….





  1. I love the retro look of this shot. It looks like a 1940s photo. Great stuff.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Lovely memories. I particularly like seeing the image for the first time via digital. There’s a metaphor about memory there, if I wasn’t too lazy to untangle it. You’ve encapsulated so much of a way of life and a way of travelling in just a few lines.

  3. Given that Crete had a rough time of it during the German Occupation and that when we holidayed there (early 90s) visitors from former East Germany were still resented, I’m surprised that the local you spoke to was prepared to converse in that language. But great pics, as always!

    • Sue

      We were in the middle of nowhere, and I had actually asked how many tourists came up to the Katharon, and the old boy suggested half a dozen in a year…..

  4. How wonderful to recapture those memories. The slides from my first European trip many (many) moons ago are pretty much lost.

    • Sue

      I have had a great couple of days sorting through a few slides, and there are still loads more, but plenty not worthy of scanning. I have hung on to my transparencies and negatives for years, one day I might get all the ones I want digitised….but then maybe not!

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