One / 88 Solitude

Had a conversation with a friend today, Ann-Christine Påhlson , about photography and about what messages we might try and convey in an image. Ok, this image is a single person on a path in a forest. But might it be suggesting solitude, or isolation or remoteness ??


It could also be about illusion. Anything strike you as odd about this image?



  1. The person looks more like a cyclist than a walker to me, but maybe that’s just because I’m watching the end of today’s Tour de France stage. As for what a photo says, it says whatever the viewer thinks it says. Harder to direct that than if you’re writing. Nice to see you, Sue. How’s your break going or or you back?


  2. I think the shadows may make us think solitude, but as they are walking into the light (or maybe they’re not) to me it says more independence and peace.
    As for odd, no I’m not seeing it!

  3. The person looks more like a statue of some sort, kind of reminds me of the Anthony Gormley men. Nice woodlands!

  4. Rather small for a person, (compared to the bush on the left) and not appearing to be moving. (Unless a fast shutter speed was used)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  5. Well I thought so, as well…!

  6. The person looks very small or those trees are very big, and the stance seems all wrong. Perhaps sculpture in the forest? As for what it suggests, to me it is coolness!!

  7. Haaa..
    I sense dangerous..
    not only from .. snakes 🐍 and while animals..
    But crazy ass killers…

    I do love to wander in that setting though..
    it’s calming and a good place for meditation.. ideal place for some alone time..fresh air.. the sun ☀️ spilling through the trees 🌲.. beautiful scenery..
    aaahhh..( sighing)

  8. Loved it. I thought the odd was that he was standing perfectly still, feet together. The overall impression to me was awareness.

  9. Or absolute delight! A great antidote to the motorway I had to drive along yesterday. And why do people say “small for a person” instead of “big for a forest”??? So you’ve sloped off to Sweden, and there I was thinking you were worn out!

  10. Safe journey home, Sue! Lovely finally meeting you! This guy is perfect for the “One” theme – and he could not be against it, could he…interesting to follow the comments.

  11. I think of hope as if walking into the light.

  12. I see others have picked up the figure is a statue – when I saw it, my thought was that it reminded me of an Oscar statuette, from the shape. Isolation, aloneness, loneliness all will be defined by the viewer depending on their own state of mind I think. But sunlight suggests a happier set of mind than darkness (that is a bit obvious I suppose!).

  13. Ha, now that I know it is a statue, I can spot the oddity. Would never have guessed though 🙂

  14. Brilliant image …. Sue!!!! I think whatever it is … and what we make it to, it’s very happy where it’s!! I would be in that magnificent surroundings.

  15. I’ve been to enough sculpture gardens to doubt that this is a person?

  16. Now I have read all the comments and know it’s a sculpture. You could have fooled me, but I thought the “person” looked like frozen action. Intersting topi and lovely capture. 💕

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