A So-so Macro, handheld

Here is proof that handholding the camera, with lens and extension tubes is no way to achieve a decent macro…..the excuse was that I couldn’t be bothered to fetch the tripod, and thought I would just see how useless the resulting image was….

I was completely unable to hold the camera in precisely the right position, and only managed to get the upper part of the image sharp, even with a small aperture and fast shutter speed….tripod next, time! I think it’s too late for this flower, the stamens have already been blown about a lot….

Linked to Weekly Photo Challenge here.




  1. But it’s a nice photo anyway, Sue. I usually do my macros without tripod. I have two close-up lenses and even hold an additional magnifying glass in front. You have to be very calm. Not drinking alcohol helps a lot :))

  2. Takes me back to when I used to lug a tripod around for almost every shot. Not any more for me, but it would have helped you here of course.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. I don’t know what you expected , but I find this macro fabulous!

  4. drinking small amounts of alcohol can actually steady a tremor as people with some neurological problems know 😉 I use the DSLR’s camera shake switch as am rather trembly but there is nothing like a tripod for stillness – yet I can often not be bothered with one especially when out and about. Interesting shot though – almost an abstract

    • Sue

      I use the camera shake reduction, too, Laura…but the issue here was that I couldn’t stay focussed at the right point for more than a millisecond!!

  5. I know that problem too, and though I only take my tripod when I am out on my bicycle to take photos. I changed from DSLR to mirrorless system camera and that brings some more sharpness.

  6. Nice shot anyway, but I know what you mean about the tripod. I know I should, I know I should …

  7. All right! It’s time to tackle the tripod for me. It’s become the elephant in the room – standing in the living room fully extended as a statement of intention I’ve stopped listening to. Thanks for posting this.

    • Sue

      Do you take macros, Meg? If not, I really wouldn’t worry about the tripod! I wrote this post as an admonishment to me…unsteady me, trying to take macros sans tripod!!

  8. Mine’s still gathering dust!

  9. Can’t win em all, Sue. I’m a big fan of wobbly photos 🙂 🙂 I have to be- I take lots!

  10. All movement is magnified, so you don’t stand a chance at hand-holding…good try though

  11. And it would fit perfectly with this week’s WP challenge!! Like others I do have a tripod (well several actually of varying sizes) but have only ever used one once – to take a sunset – and the results were far from perfect! I will however take one into the garden and give it a go with the macro lens, if only to see what the difference is.

  12. I’m just brilliant at so-so macros – well, the so-so bit anyway. But I don’t think I’ll ever have what it takes to lug a tripod about.

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  14. You have nothing to worry Sue, us, non tripod users seem to make up the majority here 😀

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