Five seconds too late…

The view you get in the WP Reader will be hopeless…you need to read the post!

There are times when I just miss a great image…by and large, my reactions serve me quite well, but I was just that bit too late for this one…. My subject needed to be closer to me, which would have made her more dominant in the scene, the balance of the composition would have been better, and the two people in the background probably blocked out. But hey, that’s how it goes sometimes! I was drawn to the yellow reflection, and the lady in blue.

My stamina, or rather lack of it, means I can no longer wait around at locations as long these days and need to react to a good opportunity when I see it. Plus, on this break, time was rather short!

What do you think?

Market, Peru



  1. I see your point re not catching her sooner, but it’s still a striking photo.

  2. Better late than no photo at all…

  3. I like the reflections in the foreground, Sue.
    ‘Missing the shot’, that’s the story of my life!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. I love it Sue. So well spotted and caught.
    She stands out so well that it doesn’t matter about the people in the background.
    A suggestion: try cropping without the yellow at top (keep the fantastic reflection) which should bring dark section on right down to a third. For me it takes a tiny bit too much at the moment.
    Even if that doesn’t help, I love it.

    • Sue

      Glad you like it, Debs…. As for your suggestion, fair point but personally I like the yellow fabric at the top, and the gloomy dark is fine by me!!

    • I agree with this cropping suggestion, one I’d have gone for myself: that would work very well in terms of composition without having to feel you needed to balance original and its reflection.

  5. Most important, you saw the scene which is half the battle. The color of her dress and the reflection of the yellow cloth are very nice, Sue.

  6. The photo is amazing, about the WP-reader. Guess we’ll miss new and unknown this way, those my oldtimers (as you) I always “runs” in big scale. But WP seems more poor by this WP act.

  7. If she had been closer, there wouldn’t have been that great reflection. I like the dark part, Sue. It would be a different, but still excellent shot without the yellow at the top, but leaving the side darkness.


    • Sue

      Oh, I wouldn’t have had her over the reflection, Jaanet, but the perfectionist in me knows it could have been better!! 😥

  8. Amy

    It’s a great capture, Sue! I also like the colors and reflections.

  9. D’you know, I didn’t even notice the WP ‘snapshot’. I saw your name and rushed in to look. 🙂 🙂 But now I’m here, yes the reflection and the stylish lady are great. I like the yellow too, but I might have tried cropping a little. It’s all a question of taste isn’t it? I probably haven’t got any. 🙂

    • Sue

      Oh, you’ve got taste alright, Jo! As to cropping, we each have our own preferences…. Glad you like this one, anyway. Happy Sunday!

  10. I like it and I also see Debbie’s point. By scrolling down the page I can crop out the yellow at the top and it actually looks better just having the reflection. Leaves you guessing as to what it is.

  11. It is fine as it is. I really like it, nice atmosphere and the distance of the subject is relevant to the scene. If you are loving it it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

    • Sue

      Thanks, Fraggle! Well, it’s sometimes interesting to hear what other people think, get a bit of a discussion – but I agree, I make photos I like, great if others do too!

  12. Suzanne

    You make a good point but I think the photo works well. I like that figure is not so dominant and that the yellow puddle becomes the dominant colour. It made me look twice (and not in the Reader 🙂 ). In a way I’d like the figure to even less dominant.

    • Sue

      Glad you like it, Suzanne…and I do have another image where the lady is further away, less dominant, and I don’t like it! She gets lost in a muddle of people.

      • Suzanne

        Oh yes, I can see how that wouldn’t work. It is annoying when moments that only happen once don’t come across in photos – I agree. Maybe that’s part of the magic though. It makes us keep trying.

      • Sue

        Well, exactly! Honing the craft

  13. I still think it’s fabulous. Almost a sense of longing as she draws away.

  14. I like this shot Sue. If you hadn’t mentioned timing, I would ‘t have thought it a problem.

  15. I like it as it is, Sue. And if you hadn’t mentioned not being close enough to her that wouldn’t have bothered me. I love the colors, the reflections, and how the scene tells the story of a woman intent on doing some serious shopping. What I’m not too keen of is the darkness on the right side of the frame. A tad less would’ve make it more pleasing (at least to my eyes). I wonder if in post you could have accentuated her reflection and brought out more of whatever is hidden in darkness on the right. MHO, of course… 🙂

    • Sue

      Oh, the balance of the composition would have been improved with her a little further away from the elements at the back of the image… As to the darkness at the side of the frame, I did lighten it and it was too distracting to my eye. And dark makes you guess, eh?!! Thanks for your thoughts, Angela!

  16. Much as the reflection is cool, I think I’d crop the lower right half out!

  17. I love this as it is.
    The dark part on the right makes reflections and colors stand up….

  18. Well spotted, and I think we have all had that experience of being just a few seconds later than we would have liked.

  19. The colours still work well. Closer would have been brilliant 🙂

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