One / 77

Here goes for my last “One” image from my short time in Havana recently. I think it shows the past Colonial splendour of downtown Havana, its sad decay, but also the spirit of its people – look how wonderfully co-ordinated this girl’s clothes are!:



  1. So much beauty and so much disrepair. It will be interesting ot see if increased tourism brings a positive effect to the country and the people.

    • Sue

      Beauty and disrepair, indeed… Apropos tourism, Cuban society is two tier, with the tourists quite separate to the local Cubans.
      It will be interesting to see what the future brings for Cuba….but I worry for the average Cuban, with very little money, and when outsiders come in, I doubt any of that money will go towards improving the lives of the locals

  2. Colour co-ordinated to perfection indeed, Sue!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Oh, how I envy your trip to Cuba. Would you recommend going?

    • Sue

      I wasn’t in Cuba long this time – a few hours in Havana, but great to see it again. I drove 600 miles across Cuba a decade or so ago….. A country most definitely worth visiting.

  4. (This photo tells us a lot about Havana….
    The old decorations , the broken glass above , the girl’s attitude and clothes….)

    N.B. I’d started my comment before seeing the words accompanying your picture……, practically ,I was trying to say the same you wrote…..


  5. Once so splendid! The beauty is still obvious, despite having fallen on hard times. It’s the bones. Your few hours in Havana were so brilliantly productive. I thought you must have been there for at least a whole day.

    • Sue

      Thank you, Meg – glad you have enjoyed my Havana images. Booking the taxi tour with Nosotros Cubaneamos before I left the UK was my master-stroke! Enabled me to just concentrate on the photography! If I get back to Warsaw, I need to do a taxi tour of Praga!!

  6. That is some doorway Sue – great colours and yes, perfect coordination 🙂

  7. I have loved your Havana images, but it always amazes me that in even the most poorest country everyone still seems to have a mobile phone; even refugees transiting many countries have one and I wonder how DO they a) afford one and b) manage to have a SIM card that works!! I struggle to get a signal in my own home!

  8. Nice shot. All this series was just from a few hours of a day trip? Photographically rich place!

  9. If there was a ‘Time’ machine it would be interesting to go back and view Cuba in all its colonial splendour. The doors remain impressive, and the wiring worrying!

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