One / 70

Scene in downtown Havana



  1. You always manage to spot one, Sue.
    I am left wondering though. Is she selling, or buying?
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. What a lovely shot. And the long view – beyond the woman – drawing you onwards.

  3. Cuba gave you lots of photo opps!

  4. Her eye follows ours or vice verse into the back of the frame. Very cool!

  5. Happy 70th! So many things to delight here: the perfectly natural stance; the blue doubled; the patches of green in her hand and the bush; the prospect; the pink accents; the compositional balance. Vintage Sue!

  6. Oh Sue you captured so much on this trip. Your hubby was obviously well prepared for your project.
    This one shouted Havana to me, but I’ve no idea what the stall is for.

    I am very glad I’ve seen Havana because you’d be making me incredibly jealous As it is, you’re just making me very fidgety!!

  7. Oh well done! I quite like travelling on my own but you have your health challenges I know. I often escape for a day or two so that I can be with my camera and not appear to rude to friends and family.
    I think Cuba and its people really capture some of us. Hard to say exactly why, but it has an earthy beauty and is truly welcoming. And very photogenic!

    • Sue

      Well, I prefer to be with others now I have my health issues, but a cruise is OK because you are never completely alone….if I don’t have friends available to travel with. But in Havana, I hired a taxi and guide, just for me…tons of people thought that was brave of me….😳
      By the way, I’ve sent you an e-mail to the address on your blog…

  8. So much curiosity aroused in this photo Sue. I wonder what she is thinking? Also I love the way whatever it is hanging on the line matches the counter below.

  9. I’ve got to get to Havana one day. I love every photo I’ve seen from there, including this one! 🙂

  10. Silly me! I thought Meg meant it was your birthday 🙂 🙂 How was the Bank Holiday traffic last week, by the way? I forgot to ask.

  11. Looks like one sore leg as well. poor lady.

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