Contre jour in Málaga

When I set off on my trip to Andalucia, I gave myself a couple of challenges. One was to create images of movement (subject of another post), and another was to capture silhouettes against the light, as I expected there would be very harsh, bright light at times. I had varying degrees of success, and here are the best 3 from Málaga:

Yes, the train station again!

sjudd_es_malaga_2016-09-30-264-version-2 sjudd_es_malaga_2016-09-30-263-version-2

Inside the Picasso museum:


Which one do you like best, and why?



  1. The middle one by far, I love it, I prefer the composition to the first where the closest figure is too dominant. Same with the last one, the person on the right isn’t adding anything only detracting to my mind.

    • Sue

      Interesting! Out of the ones taken in the station, I agree with your choice, as I feel it’s more balanced (though an arty friend of mine disagrees) but I do like the last one too, I actually like the dominant figure. It’ll be interesting to get some other takes on them!

      • I have to agree with Gilly for the same reasons, the middle one works so much better than the other two. But I do feel a bit mean critiquing your work as you have such wonderful ideas for focussing your photography on.

      • Sue

        Oh, goodness, don’t feel mean, I did ask!!

  2. I have never heard of that place before.
    So I learnt today a name of a new 🌃 city 🌃..
    I enjoyed all three of your photos…
    thanks for sharing

  3. I agree with Lucid Gypsy.. the middle one tells a story for me…the silhouettes could be a tale.

  4. Amy

    Great captures with the back light, Sue. I like the second especially. 🙂

  5. I like the chiaroscuro effect of the last one…well, all of them for that matter. Contrast–one of my favorite elements of art.

  6. Astounding pictures, Sue!

  7. I love that you set some challenges for yourself Sue – and did very well with them. I find shooting silhouettes easier outside in the sun so good for you to shoot them in an even tougher situation.

    • Sue

      The light was so bright, even when it had gone through glass….I knew this trip was a good opportunity, as we don’t have strong enough light at home, Tina!

  8. First one best. Can I say dunno why?

  9. I like the drama of all the photos but the middle one is my favourite. It has a really strong composition.

  10. I like the middle one best in terms of composition and the first one in terms of light.

  11. Excellent Sue – there is a very particular light in railway stations on sunny days and you captured it perfectly.

  12. I love the challenge of photographing inside railway stations, you often get wonderful shards of light coming through the roof lighting up different parts. I just don’t spend a lot of time inside stations grand enough.

  13. The second one is a stand-out for me …
    Punning aside, I like them all!

  14. I love railway stations – they are perfect in so many ways…You are so smart to set challenges for yourself. and really do them. And well. My favourite is number two!

  15. Well, first of all, I love Malaga!
    And I try to set myself challenges too. Though I can be distracted easily!
    I’m a fan of the middle one too – it is a good mix of strong silhouettes and plenty of bright detail too.
    I know what you mean about the last one, and I like the strong one too, but I think that overall it is too dark for my tastes

  16. It’s the second one for me too, Sue. I love shooting into the light.

  17. Against the light seems to be enjoying a renaissance in photography these days. And me still always trying to get it behind my left shoulder!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  18. Great photo! This is Malaga´s María Zambrano Station!

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