Signs of Autumn and a Sculpture Trail

I recently went to Wisley with Sarah from MiradorDesigns, and we had a great time checking out the Surrey Sculpture Society’s Trail there. And along the way indulged in my liking for decay in the form of seed heads…. I thought this might be a candidate for one of Jo’s Monday walks (even though it’s only a stroll, and I cheated by using a Tramper mobility scooter thingy!)

We started with a Secret Garden door


followed by a Villosa, fashioned of aluminium and resin


and if you turned around, you saw this feline


A little further on was a cute little pig sniffing the flowers


..and not far away, a distinctly un-scary dragon!


Near the water’s edge, we came across these cuddling duckssjudd_gardens_wisley_2016-09-19-8

Nearby were some real carp pulling facesp9190151

and a magnificent Auk, in all his flightless splendour


Turn a corner, and you would find a Child of Rhyme, but she’s been in a couple of previous posts, so we will walk a little further to find a pug looking a little bemused by a boxer


And finally, I shall show you some splendid Totem poles


I do have more images, as we aren’t at the end of the trail yet, but prepping all these images has made me a tad weary, so we’re off for tea and cake….

And before I sign off, here are some little pieces of decay (Click on any image to start the slideshow)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Head over to Jo’s for some proper walks here.




  1. This is a first! A walk on a Tramper mobility scooter thingy 🙂 🙂 Good for you! I adore the door! Piggy’s cute and the dragon reminds me of a likewise silly giraffe I saw at Burnby Hall in the summer (the one with all the lilies 🙂 ). And the most adorable ducks. Sorry to have worn you out, Sue. I’ll just sit quiet now and admire the wistful flowers. Thanks a lot! Rest up now for your trip 🙂

  2. Great shots, Sue. I loved the dogs, and the auk.
    (I looked up a Tramper scooter. Five grand! The Rolls-Royce of mobility…)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Give me pieces of decay any day! Although that Villosa sculpture is very beautiful too. Lovely images, as ever. Patsy

  4. Wonderful assortment of sculpture.

    • Sue

      It was a great place to visit, I’m really pleased I got to see the sculptures as they were only on display for a week or so. I’ll be back next year for a fresh crop, I hope!

  5. I love sculpture gardens. So peaceful.

  6. I love the villosa and the totem poles are fab. Where in Spain are you heading Sue?

  7. Loving the post so much! Have a wonderful day:)

  8. I do love that purple flower in front of the pig… that’s perfection.

  9. They look great 😀 It really was a fun day out!! You didn’t share the photo of you on the Tramper lol 😉 Love that the comedy fish have been included!! The seedpods really create the autumnal mood. I need time to really get on with my processing!! Another (gentler) swim tomorrow, Simon’s birthday on Friday and his surprise party on Sunday! I will be needing a holiday too after all this 😉 Have a fantastic time hun and we’ll get together again soon!

  10. Gorgeous sculptures, Sue. The Piggy is my favourite <3. Love your decay gallery of beautiful macros.

  11. That is not cheating that is fantastic Sue. Wonderful that you could take us on this gorgeous walk. Amazing sculptures that is am so delighted to see with you. I hitched a ride on the scooter. Hope you didn’t mind. Xo

  12. All amazing! My faves are the Totem poles’and the Villosa’s pics!

    • Sue

      I do like the Totem Poles, and the Boxer and the Pug made me laugh. My favourites are probably two I showed on previous posts, Child of Rhyme, and Neptune.

  13. Dear Wisley – it just keeps on giving. Probably the thing I miss most about living in the south-east (apart from my darling grandchildren of course 😉 )

  14. Those trampers are marvellous Sue and more and more seem to be available to hire which is brilliant . Sounds like a lovely day out .. I love the Villosa sculpture … somehow there’s an element of it that brings the film Fantasia into mind and the mushroom dance …
    Looking forward to capturing some decaying seed heads too .. plenty about 🙂

  15. Wonderful shots, some very sweet sculptures in a beautiful setting! Looks like you had a fabulous day!

  16. That was quite a special walk. So many wonderful encounters on the way—beautifully captured in these photos.

  17. Love your decay gallery, Sue. And the sculptures are great – my favourite is the boxer – fun idea. When will you be back???

  18. There are so many ways of creating beautiful things! Fantastic photographs of a delightful walk, and your slideshow is stunning, as always.

  19. Pingback: Jo’s Monday walk : Saying goodbye | restlessjo

  20. What fun 🙂 love going to Wisley but never get round it all perhaps I should try a scooter thingy one day!! There again perhaps if I didn’t take such long tea and chat breaks with my friend in the cafes I would actually see more!

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