Of castles, a dancer, dragon’s teeth and tunnels…

For the first time ever, I shall write of a (very) short walk and link to Jo’s Monday Walk….

A friend took me for a short walk today, knowing that I am low on stamina. She guessed correctly that I would find it interesting as it is so varied and rich in history. To cut down on weight, I took only a very wideangle lens on my camera, which created its own challenges when taking images!

We were in the town of Reigate, in Surrey, England. If you walk down towards the centre of the town from the station you pass a statue of Margot Fonteyn, who was born in the town.


Continue past the statue, cross the road onto the central island, and look left where you will see a tunnel. Cross the road again, towards the tunnel, but turn right instead of going into the tunnel (we’ll come back here later). Shortly, the pavement finishes, but you turn left onto a path which climbs up a mound. We take the right fork which brings us to a pond with some bulrushes, but it’s not particularly photogenic. We follow the path right, and soon come to a steeper track which we take. This brings us up to an open area, and to our left is a castle gateway. This was a folly built 200 years or so ago.

SJudd_UK_Surrey_2016-05-14-7---Version-3 2

Walking through the castle gateway, and bearing right takes us a little lower, and if we take a narrow track to the left, we come to some old dragon’s teeth – of the anti tank variety, dating from WW2.


They are beginning to be taken over by vegetation, and there are some nice textures of moss, stone and metal


We walk on, and arrive at a wooden fence which surrounds the garden of the Market Stores pub. Continuing past there, we peer through an alley which has a good view of the clock tower in the high street.


We walk a short way past, and come to some brick battlements with a view towards the Main Street with some old graffiti, carved into the stone


It’s a short pace or two, and we turn left down some steps and we are in an alley leading to the High Street, passing the Market Stores pub as we go.


As reward for our efforts we stop for coffee, and I succumb to the charms of an almond croissant…. Duly rested, it’s time to head back through the tunnel


From there, it’s  back up towards the station…Hope you enjoyed my brief wander! See more (proper) walks at Jo’s here.





  1. Beautiful views, want to give Surrey a visit it’s only an hour away from where I live in London 🙂

  2. Exyraordinary takes, Sue!

  3. Oh, those kind of dragon’s teeth, Sue! I thought you were doing a Tish and spinning me a yarn. 🙂 I’m very appreciative of your efforts, both physically and camera wise. There’s that nice lady in the tunnel again, and I’m rather fond of that kind of grafitti. I always rather wistfully wanted to be Margot Fonteyn, but never had a grain of talent. 😦 Sending appreciative hugs. You are a gem! 🙂

  4. A really pleasant stroll. Sue. Love the statue and the dragon’s teeth, but I particularly enjoyed your last take of the tunnel opening out into the sunshine. “The charms of an almond croissant” are also well known to me. 😀

  5. A perfect stroll – I would gladly have brought Totti! Madame Fonteyn was my admiration as well.

  6. A lovely post Sue! Surry is a beautiful county! 🙂

  7. Oh that brings back memories!!! Looking beautiful 🙂

  8. I haven’t seen much of Surrey, so I thoroughly enjoyed this stroll, Sue. I know how challenging just one lens can be and often tend to carry too many and too much … It adds to creativity to stick to one.;-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Sue

      I quite often make myself use just one lens…partly for the weight issue, but partly to stretch my photographic muscles…. Glad you enjoyed my stroll, Dina, and have a great weekend yourself 😀

  9. Sue wonderful to get out in that gorgeous sunshine. I hope the walk left you feeling rejuvenated and not too tired.

  10. beautiful….with a bit of vertigo thrown in 🙂

  11. Well. Well! You were definitely worth waiting for. I felt as if I was on the walk with you, you wrote it so precisely, and it was certainly a diverse one. Did you use up all your stamina? Meet you again on Monday walk?

    • Sue

      Glad you enjoyed, Meg! As I said to Sue (Slaght), because of the coffee stop I didn’t overdo it….as long as I pace myself, I manage (mostly). However, I doubt there will be another Monday walk, as I generally don’t do walks now, and such a post takes too long to write!

      • Such posts do take a long time – both words and layout. I’ll be sorry not to see more of yours. I persist, because part of the purpose of my blog was to wrestle experience into words, and another part was to document adventures in a way that allows both words and images. The sense of a select audience, and its responsiveness prevents me from going private. I’m glad coffee extended stamina, and I can’t begin to comprehend the frustration you must feel at not being able to gallop around, as it’s obvious you once did.

      • Sue

        Gallop I did, Meg…and I have some great memories…As for the now, as long as I can still do something, that’s OK

  12. Sue

    OK, I will wipe the first…. And this one!

  13. Even a very short walk can be lovely Sue and if it’s photographed and written as well as yours, then I’m really happy to read it as are many others!

  14. Thank you for showing me somewhere I’ve never been before. Dragons teeth – never heard them called that and much more exciting than anti-tank constructions

  15. I thought that I knew Reigate well, but this walk took me to parts I have never seen. Great exploring, Sue, and you managed to make a Surrey commuter town come alive in the process.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  16. Pingback: Jo’s Monday walk : Meeting Meg | restlessjo

  17. This is a splendid walk, Sue. So much to see, and thanks for including the almond croissant to keep us going 🙂

  18. I am another aficionado of the almond croissant as my ample waist will concur (though to be truthful I haven’t had one for a very long time…). I loved walking with you past the delightful statue, through the greenery, peering down that alley ( I still think in Shropshire terms and want to say ‘shut’), the ‘dragons’ teeth’ and the graffiti ending with that oh so lovely tunnel. I know I have driven through Reigate and gone through it on the train, but I have never visited the town. I hope you will do more town walks. Short ones are fine by me as long as there is coffee and cake at the end 🙂

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