April: Macros in the Garden 2

During the month of April, Jude has a new theme for her garden photography, Macros or close-ups. Last week I had no macro lens,  but for this week I had bought extension tubes to enable me to effectively get a lot closer using existing lenses. I have a lot to learn, but here are some first attempts!

First up, looking into a Freesia (OK, not exactly a garden shot, but taken in a cafe at a garden, so I thought I might sneak it in)…. This was a hand-held shot:


And now now for my best shot (hope Paula sees this, she will love it), taken with the camera on a tripod:


For more macro shots, head over to Jude’s here.




  1. Well done, Sue. Both images are very nice, and the veins are captured perfectly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Not only Paula. I love it too. And the two shots are completely different. I’ll add tripod to my list of things to play with in 11 months! I’m also contemplating a new camera. What’s yours?

    • Sue

      Glad you like it, Meg! You need to get a tripod, I have a small travel one. As to the camera, I used to have Nikons, the last of which was a D300 – I loved it, but it in the end it was much too heavy for me. So on the recommendation of a number of friends, I now have a couple of little Olympus OMDs- an em1 and an em5. Usually I only carry one, but if I’m travelling I will take both so I don’t need to change lenses constantly….

  3. So beautiful, Sue. The freesia is really lovely and your lacy image is out of this world. 🙂

  4. The second one is wonderful.

    In my experience, macros are best done with tripods. You may also want to look into focus stacking – where you take several photos focussed a few mm difference each time and then a program fuses the in focus areas to gather. Worth experimenting with.

    • Sue

      Thanks, Draco! I will look into focus stacking sometime – I recently updated my em1 software, and so I have the capability….

  5. The last one is so beautiful!

  6. Beautiful Sue. Love that second shot particularly.

  7. The freesia is very soft and abstract. The second one is a beauty, but then I do like the lacy skeletons 🙂
    I must use a tripod more often, but they are a pain for carrying around and setting up. Draco’s idea for stacking sounds well worth a consideration. I have used bracketing, but never blended them successfully. So many things to experiment with and so little time!

    • Sue

      A tripod is easy-peasy if you a) have a lightweight travel one and b) you keep a Qplate on the base of your camera at all times… Apropos light tripod, I can’t afford super light carbon fibre, so have a small Slik tripod. The downside is I either have to kneel to use it (and get muddy knees) or bend (not an easy option when you have hopeless core muscles as I do)

      • I think that is the trick – to have the plate attached to the camera. I will give it a go this year as I am sure I can get to gardens when they are not too busy – plus all the wild flowers in the hedgerows.

      • Sue

        That’s the spirit, Jude!

  8. Very pretty and a great time to really take nice photos of flowers. Love it.

  9. An even better motyl! 🙂 🙂

  10. A tripod makes so much difference, but I’m far too lazy! I’m sure you’ll persist!

  11. Sonel

    Stunning captures Sue and I can see you had lots of fun. I see you included one of my most favourites. I just love those beautiful leaves. Really so perfect in its decay. I love it! 😀 ♥

  12. Sue Wow! both are wonderful. the freesia is lovely and abstract in the way of my hero Georgia OKeefe – but yours has a delicacy and gentleness that I really Love!! and the last image with the veins, those negative spaces are dynamite!! wonderful shots 🙂

  13. Your second image is a winner, Sue. Unusual and quite captivating. Had to go back for another look! Well done.

  14. Good for you for trying the tubes Sue. I love them but they do take some getting used to! Loved your second shot especially

  15. The second lacy photo is a beauty and persuades me that I should take the tripod out of the boot of the car!!!

  16. Your last shot is definitely great Sue!

  17. wonderful photo, Sue

  18. I saw it, and you were right. I absolutely love it 🙂 xo

  19. Sue, although you are absolutely not obligated, I’ve nominated you to showcase your exquisite photos in the Seven Days Nature Challenge! If interested in participating, here is the link:

  20. As laced, the veins
    of leaves that left,
    your hand in mine;
    before their fall we
    thought the warmth
    would last forever.

  21. The end image …. so perfect – well done. Love the veins – admire you for using a tripod and carry that around – Excellent, Sue… personal too lazy for that.

  22. So happy Bjorn brought you to us at dVerse. On my photo blog, I’m involved in a prompt that will end 4/30–then I would love to see what you have going. I am a newbie to photography and barely know how to use my digital Lumix camera, but love macro-photography especially.

    • Sue

      Hi Victoria! Two or three years ago, I dabbled in poetry. And used to participate in dVerse prompts…alas, my muse fled and I’ve not written any poetry for a couple of years. One day, I shall start writing again…. Glad you liked my photographs.

    • Sue

      Oh, and I meant to ask, where do I find your photo blog?

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