Black & White Sunday: What will make you happy?

Well, I’m a simple little soul, really, and can be made happy in the company of friends, listening to music, reading a good book (spent a few hours this weekend with Christopher Hitchen’s Arguably), having a wander round a garden, travel, visiting an art gallery….and of course, taking photographs!!

When I can’t get out and about, seeing a good sunset from my kitchen window whilst washing up makes me very happy (simple soul, you see). Today the sky was stunning, and I think even in monochrome you get the idea:

Sunset layered

Sunset layered

SJudd_Misc home_ 10 01 2016 4

In response to Debbie’s Guest Challenge on Black & White Sunday






  1. I have been thinking about making my sunset photos monochrome, but haven’t dared so far. This will give me a necessary push. Absolutely fabulous, Sue!

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  4. Oh lovely! And yes it works very well in monochrome.
    And today’s weather made me happy too 🙂

  5. After your mention of Christopher Hitchen’s Arguably I found an audio sample of a short bit of it. Enjoy your read. 🙂

    • Sue

      Well, I am enjoying it immensely, because, much as when reading George Steiner in the 1980s, it is leading me to many other books. First up will be Victor Klemperer’s ‘I will bear Witness’. Hitchens covers a huge diversity of subjects, so on a lighter note I was introduced to the works of Sati (I recall my father being disparaging, so I never read these clever short stories), enjoyed re-acquaintance with Rebecca West, Arthur Koestler, Max Sebald among others. And that’s only the books…….

  6. I’m with you. EXCEPT where the washing up is concerned. I don’t think I could ever attain true happiness while doing the bloody dishes!

  7. Nice silhouettes of the trees. They can be tricky to get right. But you did!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  8. It works really well in monochrome! Your happy places sound a lot like mine!

  9. Without the colour one can focus on the lines and shapes and contrasts. Very nice, Sue.

  10. The chimney pots are a wonderful addition.

  11. Oh, how I miss those winter sunsets! Never considered converting to B&W but yes, it does work.

  12. These are just great, Sue. All the things you mentioned are things that make me happy as well. Simple is not so simple.


  13. The BnW makes this into a very dramatic image and the chimneys add character.

  14. Often the simple things being the most joy. Wonderful images!

  15. There is no complexity requirement in life before you can feel a real sense of satisfaction…The photos are gorgeous, I really love the first in your sequence.

  16. A good explore makes me happy – along with any image edits that I’m really happy with. Have a good week Sue…

  17. estelea

    Great pictures and I loved reading your post. Simple things that make us happy 🙂 Best way to start the week, thanks!

  18. Lovely post, Sue. Your sunset pics are so magical.

  19. There is something so special with bare branches against a sky… like an intricate filigree

  20. What a wonderful view from your kitchen window Sue, and as always you capture me with your atmospheric photos. I could stare at this view all day… 🙂

  21. That’s a sight to make anyone happy Sue let alone out a kitchen window. Beautiful!

  22. Be a devil- show me the colour version! I won’t tell, honest 🙂 Funny Gilly mentioned chimney pots because when I first looked I thought they were dustbins (with lids 🙂 ) and you lived at the bottom of a hill, but second look… she’s right. 🙂 Well- Gilly always is.
    And thank goodness you got Lady of the Cakes’ name wrong! I’ve often wondered what it was. Now to fix it in my memory banks. The hard part! Trust you’re fully fit again, lovely Sue? 🙂

    • Sue

      The colour version, for your eyes only, a bit later! Hehe, it was funny about my gaffe re: Simone’s name…I’ve just had to check back to the comment, memory for names not what it was! For some reason, Marianne in Malaga and Simone become confused in my little brain 😦 Anyway, you asked if I was fully fit…..these days, fully and fit do not conjugate, but I’m OK, thanks! Had a busy day yesterday, and will be busy tomorrow, so I’m in avoidance (of any kind of activity, braIn or otherwise) mode today!

  23. I totally get the idea, Sue – well done. These are great.

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