Inspiration: Old things

Old things have always inspired me…as a child it was clambering around old castle ruins in Wales. This was long before I had a camera. And when I did, I usually took images for the record, never really thought about how I could create the atmosphere, the mood I felt when exploring.

Rhuddlan castle

Rhuddlan castle

The older me always liked ruins of all descriptions, but often had to make do with semi restored ruins:

Maginot tunnel

Maginot tunnel

I would love to do Urbex, but alas no longer have the health for it. So, when exploring old places, I try to find the bits that don’t look too restored, a bit of decay evident:

Inside the Maginot fort

Inside the Maginot fort

More recently, I have been creating still lifes with found old stuff:

Still life from old things

Still life from old things

And I’m starting to think about how to create the images I really want, and slowly I might get there!

You can see what inspiration means for others here.



  1. Sue. I really like where you went with this and what you’re doing with the old things. Better stay away from you or I might end up in one of your “old things” productions! What’s Urbex?


  2. Sue the thought of you being able to explore castles as a child is amazing! I grew up on a farm and loved exploring the woods, climbing trees and such. Now a castle! That would have been something. 🙂

  3. A great selection Sue. The Maginot forts are well-worth the effort, it would appear.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Sue

      Those Maginot forts are interesting, but to my mind a bit over restored…except for one that I located deep in the woods…but no torch, so I couldn’t explore inside, would have been very dangerous anyway!

  4. Emilio Pasquale

    You are doing a great job picking out odd bits of wear and tear. I am also inspired by old. Old cars, old buildings, old people. There is just so much more character with the old.

  5. I love your foray into ‘old still life’ photography. You are creating art not just snapping what is in front of you.

  6. A lovely sparse autobiography! The tunnel is mistressly, and I like the idea of creating still life to photograph.
    Thanks for the Urbex links too.

  7. I just love that you are conveying the mood as well as what you see. Wonderful images and I really am enjoying your Still Life images. More please 😀

  8. Excellent series Sue. What is it about decay that so attracts us as photographers?! I’m also a big fan of your mistresserly tunnel shot! Superb result from a very difficult environment!

  9. I love spending hours looking at urbex pictures. I’m really a fan but I don’t think I would love to take picture of it. It’s a bit contradictory… I know. I must say your last picture is just gorgeous ! I seems so full of history. I love it !!! 🙂 Is it an old watch, a binocular or an old compass ? What is it ? 🙂

  10. Castles are quite magical so the opportunity to explore them when younger would be such an amazing treat.

  11. Meg is so funny, but wholely accurate 🙂 Old things no surprise, Sue, and I did like your shot of the Maginot tunnel. Thank goodness somebody beat me to the Urbex question. It gets tiresome having to constantly parade my ignorance 🙂 🙂

  12. I really like that last still life image in particular Sue – so many interesting objects.

  13. We have old underground passages in Exeter but I’ve never been – crazy eh? I imagine they would be like your photo of Maginot. I love your still life, they are inspiring, old stuff and places always make me wonder whose fingers had touched, whose feet had stepped . . .

  14. Your still life is inspiring Sue. We have underground passages in Exeter, I’ve never been but I imagine they would be like your photo of Maginot. Old places and stuff make me wonder whose fingers have touched and whose feet have stepped . . .

  15. The old and decayed become art in your frames Sue and it is inspiring to see what you are doing with your still life’s. Photography is an absorbing hobby that can be constantly followed along different paths that you ably demonstrate in your posts…

  16. Interesting series of “you”. I can so relate to what you write and how you think. The stilleben is excellent.

  17. Love the still life. You should move to India. would have no dearth of great decaying textures 🙂

  18. I really like your take on the tunnel. Intriguing.

  19. The Urbex links were fascinating but anything near Vancouver that is even vaguely that old tends to be surrounded with razor wire (in the city) or sporting a sign that says ‘Trespassers will be shot!’ (in the country). I love old sites and decay but exploring them is not for the faint of heart…

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