Nostalgia: La Serenissima – the most serene of cities

This post is for Jo, of Restlessjo, following a blog conversation this evening about photographs. I said I would post some images of Venice, so here they are.

A little bit of nostalgia, as we time-travel about 12 years to a September day in Venice, la Serenissima…

Grand canal, complete with vaporetto and gondola

Grand canal, complete with vaporetto and gondola

view up a side canal

view up a side canal

side canal and gondolier

side canal and gondolier

an artist at work

an artist at work

Sadly, I didn’t get the artist’s canvas in shot, but I would probably have needed to be in the canal to do that… It was just so tranquil…

All these images were taken with my Nikon FM2 and 50mm Nikkor lens, and scanned in the other day with Nikon Coolscan IV scanner. Post processed using Nik Viveza and Color Efex.

Now I am itching to return to Venice, perhaps October November time to get some moody shots. We shall see!



  1. I have never been to Venice Sue. Shots like these really make me want to see the place.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Sue

      Thanks, Pete. I have only been on very brief visits, less than a day on two occasions, or it might be three. So I want to spend at least 2-3 days to soak up the atmosphere! And I am pleasantly surprised by these images, too contrasty as slides but I managed to adjust them as digital images…. Feel like I have returned there for a moment 🙂

  2. Lovely, Sue. Always so good to see images of Venice, the most beautiful and most photogenic city in the world. A photographer’s paradise! I took so many photos when I was there last year, I didn’t know what to do with them. Looking forward to your moody shots.

  3. Fantastic shots, Sue. Venice is a real favourite of mine too. 🙂

  4. Timeless images. The first like a vintage post card. Love the water reflection in the last one. Thanks for sharing

  5. I haven’t been to Italy, but if I ever get there Venice will be one of my destinations. thanks for the look back at your trip. Ω

  6. It’s such a beautiful place. I would like to go back there and stay a little longer. Lovely pictures.

  7. These photos have a mix of your personality, and that of Venice – an unbeatable mix!

  8. PS I’d be interested in your conversation with Jo if it’s in the public domain: where do I find it?

  9. I have only spent one day in Venice:
    and would love to return. I have heard that winter is a good time, though it does sometimes flood which could be an issue. September / October might be good. Maybe I should think about it for my birthday one year. I do like the shadows and reflections in that last image.

    • Sue

      Yes, I was reading about the flooding, and I need to check about that again, seems there are certain times when it is more likely – lunar cycle and all that?

  10. Suzanne

    How wonderful. I’ve never been to Venice. Your photos are enticing.

  11. The shadows and light playing make such atmospheric images, hope you do go back Sue, hope I get to go one day!

    • Sue

      Thanks, Gilly, – I really do intend to return…. That brief few hours we were there was lovely weather, hence the atmospheric shadows but that was luck!

  12. Oh Venice you are so beautiful. 🙂

  13. Ah Venice. I have made a promise to myself to go back one day and next time, I shall trade my average iPhone camera for the new, digital Sony I recently bought. 🙂

  14. Definitely timeless. A city that doesn’t seem to change … you’ve made me nostalgic … I’m off to browse my shots 🙂

  15. time machine is my favourite mode of transportation though I usually use other methods as well!

  16. PS: beautiful images of Venice- it’s been even longer for me too.

  17. Sue, what a lovely group of Venice photos! I most certainly enjoyed the views, thank you 🙂

  18. Here I am at last and thank you muchly! 🙂 I know this isn’t where your love of fading beauty began, Sue, but I find this kind of degradation much easier on the eye. Who wouldn’t? I’ve been 3 times but still don’t feel like I’ve ever really seen it. But that first vision- sailing across the lagoon from Chioggia- will stay with me forever.
    Regarding aqua alta- my daughter had a seriously high one when they were there in February for Carnaval. Not that you’d go then. Too busy, too cold! Thank you very much for thinking of me. I love these ancient images. 🙂

  19. I spent one day in Venice way back in 1990 and those photos bring back such delightful memories. How lucky all you folks are that just live on the other side of the channel or now a ride under it…Now-a-days I enjoy the cyber travelling.

    • Sue

      Well, true, I’m fortunate in being close to many wonderful places in Europe, but I would have liked to visit Southern Hemisphere places, but I don’t have the health for that now…stamina is not my strong point. So, it has to be cyber travel – my blogging pals have taken me to some great places!

  20. Wow…I have been there twice, both times before my camera days…

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