Lone Poppy, now Lost Poppy

This is becoming a garden blog! So Jude (of Small Blue Green Words) commented yesterday, and I have to say she has a point….. Yesterday, in my garden in the sunshine, I spotted a single poppy blowing in the wind….so, naturally I took some photographs. Today, every single papery petal had gone. Carpe Diem…you never know when that opportunity will be lost.

I am in a bit of a negative space (photographically speaking) frame of mind at present. (I have been in a bit of a negative space recently, from time to time, but we won’t talk about that).

So first up was creating an image on the High Key end of the scale. The light was more or less behind me, plenty of sunlight illuminating the flower and the white garage door – good start. I then did the usual enhancements in Viveza, and finished with a slight high key treatment in Color Efex. Here is the result:


My second image was a low key version, taken against the light, from the top, making use of the shaded patio as backdrop. This time, I gave it a little bit of low-key treatment in Color Efex:

Low Key Poppy

Low Key Poppy

Not bad for a an hour or so in the afternoon, I thought! Comments, as ever, will be much appreciated…..



  1. I have often said that I do not generally approve of enhancement software. However, I have to confess that the lighter photo at the top is simply superb. One of my favourites Sue.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Sue

      Well, the software was basically just enabling me to ‘lift’ the images a tad from what I had envisioned, and practically managed to capture in camera…..so I wasn’t creating something completely different!! Anyway, glad you like, Pete

  2. I see that Sue, no criticism intended. I like it a lot!

  3. I really love the light one.. poetry in photo

  4. Oh, you’ll have a lot to answer for when I get lost on a wilfing expedition provoked by your increasingly intriguing post-processing. Both these images are magnificent, the first one with that illustration-look and wonderful composition; the second one with the delicate richness of colour, and detail. I hope your personal negative space enhanced your life like this, although I suspect it doesn’t work like that.

  5. Interesting take on how the same flower can look very differently depending on the decisions the photographer makes. I see this all the time when I am out shooting my Urbex with another photographer – we are in the same location, but come back with very different images. Regarding the comment (above) on enhancement software…it is just a tool in the arsenal of the photographer, but as we all know, you need to begin with a worthy image because no amount of software can fix a bad image.

    • Sue

      Thanks, Robert, we all ‘see’ in different ways. And you are absolutely correct in saying no amount of software can correct a poor image…..

  6. Both photos are wonderful, but the last one is my favorite. I like the contrast of the Poppy against the dark background. Ω

  7. They both have their own appeal. Mostly, what I enjoyed about these floral beauties is their imperfection: they’re not symmetrical in design. They show the fragility and whimsy of nature.

  8. The first would be a wonderful fine art print!

  9. Fabulous Work Sue, I like them both for their different moods

    • Sue

      I was pleased with the results, and that I am really beginning to visualise the end result and get close to capturing it in camera…. 🙂

  10. First one for me – looks like one of those beautifully crafted Victorian botanical images that I adore. Poor poppy though, if you have had winds like we have here at the end of the world I can understand its demise 😦

  11. So stunning Sue. such a wonderful art piece you have created in these images.

  12. She looks like she’s feeling..in each photo.

  13. Both are really stunning, Sue.

  14. both so beautiful. I’m very partial to poppies.I think I prefer the dark contrast the best!

  15. I love the drama of the dark background it throws the colours into brilliant definition and your focusing is superb, so sharp.

    • Sue

      Many thanks, Pauline! I think we can thank Olympus for the sharpness…I love the little 45mm prime lens that was used here! 😀

  16. Stunning images, and the color of the poppy is exquisite.

  17. Nobody argues with Jude and wins so I guess you have a garden blog, Sue 🙂 And very nice it is too! Sorry you’ve been feeling iffy of late. Must be due an up cycle?
    I adore the second image (and Icelandic poppies in general- saw some lovely blue ones in Norwich)

  18. Beautiful. These are both so gorgeous!! I can’t make up my mind which I like best – I have to say Both 🙂
    Primarily a painter, for many years only in watercolour – I find the discussions of photographic “post processing” very similar to our watercolour forum discussions. Basically whether to follow tradition or to open the door wider for what’s already coming in! Now, I just have to go find out what viveza and colour efex are!

    • Sue

      Haha! Glad you like them, Debi… Bear in mind most of the work was done ‘in camera’ ie getting the exposure right for my ‘vision’… Viveka and Color Efex are (Google) Nik software

  19. wow- the first photo is simply stunning!!!!!

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