One Four Challenge: June Week 1

Here we are already at a new month for the One Four Challenge. Hosted by Robyn over at her blog,“Captivate Me”, this is all about processing an image in four different ways over 4 weeks. for the month of June, I am working with another photograph I have taken of two old books found in my loft recently.

For the first week, I set up this still life on my dining table. I wanted it to be a bit dark and mysterious, so I first edited the image with a slight crop, then exported it into Nik Vivexa to bring out a bit of texture. I then exported the result into Color Efex. First up, Pro Contrast to give it a tad more oomph. then I added a low key filter which made the whole thing dark. I mainly wanted to darken the chairs in the background a bit because they were still a little bright, so I decided to learn something new.

At last, I had a go with the Control points, to remove some of the effect of the filter from the areas where I didn’t want it. Can you believe I have had this programme for a good 9 months and more and never used it to its proper capability. Well, you know now! I never thought I understood the thing, but I should have played around with it before. Still a long way to go, but its a start.

So here is Week One…

June Week 1

June Week 1

And this is the image prior to adjustments (other than very slight cropping):

June original

June original

And now I have to decide where to go next with this. Anyway, whilst I ponder, you can see more One Four over at Robyn’s blog here.



  1. You have deffinetly got the texture and the white balance in the image working nicely. I personally would lighten the shadows a touch to bring in some more detail.

  2. I’m very much looking forward to looking and learning as I follow you through this challenge. The only post-processing I’ve done is cropping, straightening and lightening. So I have a huge amount to learn. I really like your subject, and seeing the before and after. I’d have thought wonderful about the original photo. So I have to say wonderful+ for the first processing!

  3. Sue I don’t know a lot about editing but I know I like the more crisp and detailed image. Likely not the right technical terms. I love the way you have set the shot up in the first place. A very romantic feel.

    • Sue

      Thanks, Sue – glad you enjoyed this. I think I should have perhaps posted a slightly larger file as the detail isn’t as clear as it could be… 😕

  4. A very pleasing image, Sue. Enjoy playing around with it. 🙂

  5. I love this image Sue, it’s really atmospheric, looks as if the reader just popped out of the shot, 100 yrs ago! I like the deep mysterious shadows….

  6. I really like the scene you set up, the flower gives it such a beautiful sweet touch. You did a nice job lightening in just the right spots for this first edit. I really like it. Interested to see where you go with it…always interesting to see where everyone chooses to dive to next.

    • Sue

      Thanks, Carrie…the lighting was side light from the window, then post-processing to enhance the effect 🙂 (no idea what I shall do next!!)

  7. Emilio Pasquale

    I don’t know. I think this is perfect and will commit right now to saying, no matter what you do you will not improve upon this image. Now, prove me wrong!

  8. Wonderful image Sue, so much potential, cant wait to see what you do next

  9. I agree with Emilio. Hard to better the top photo Sue. It looks like a 17th century Dutch painting.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Sue

      Thanks, Pete! If it looks like a 17th century Dutch painting, then I have achieved my aim of creating an atmosphere of something from the past!

  10. Old books have a bit of mystery to them and your edits have really brought this out, Sue. Watching what you are doing with the Nik suite as I am learning too😊

  11. you mean this one?

  12. Excellent photo Sue! 😀 Very beautiful setup and light as well! Still life photography is quite hard but you definitely have the eye for it! Would like to see more variations of this setup, different light, playing with shadows etc 🙂

  13. What a wonderful loft you must have! Such a wonderful image to work with. I like both versions – maybe even the ‘au natural’ one better…

    • Sue

      The loft is pretty ordinary, and this was the only surprise….oh, and there were a few bits of ornaments etc, might make a still life of those, too

  14. I think I’m with Emilio on this one, Sue. It’d be a shame to mess with the photo you have created. It definitely has something special. Even I can see it! 🙂

  15. Sue, this image is so beautiful that I think you should stop now! It is perfectly lovely.

  16. what secrets lie within the page!! Love!!!

  17. I really like how you have processed this photo. It brings out that feeling of old time and objects from a different time period.

  18. That lovely old book looks just fascinating. Is it a hand written diary? Your processing has certainly given it an antique look and by darkening the chair it puts all the emphasis on the book and that delicate daisy like flower.

  19. darken the chairs in the background = good idea!

  20. Sue, this is a wonderful still life. Gorgeous OLD books – texture.. and love the flower? Draped across it. Can almost smell them. Snifffff!!
    The studded chairs (and leather) in the background give this a Shakespeare feel for me. Love it!
    How great too that youre discovering more about your software. Awesome!
    This image really grabbed my attention 😃😃

  21. A fascinating picture and a great edit – it really emphasizes the age of the books. 🙂

  22. absolutely beautiful still life photo and your edit ages it very delicately.

  23. poppytump

    Just love what you’re doing with these challenges Sue !

  24. Dear Sue, first of all sorry that I didn’t visit your blog. But I noticed that I wasn’t informed by WP. So I corrected this now. Your all June photographs are amazing and all of them has a great touches. Fascinated me. But there is one of them, (maybe because of my love about old books) impressed more than others. You did great photographs… As if I can smell its oldness… I loved so much. Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, love, nia

    • Sue

      Nia, what a lovely comment! WordPress has a habit of dropping people off my Reader, and I don’t always notice… I’m reall pleased you enjoyed my old book, I may be posting more sometime. Have a lovely weekend, Nia! xx

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