When fictions collide…

This came to me yesterday morning, after my recent Alice in Wonderland images for the One Four Challenge. I had wanted to do similar with the Lord of the Rings, but gave my copies of the book to local charity shop…

But I still have Frodo (a figurine I made many years ago, along with Aragorn and others that have long since disappeared).

So…how about ‘When the White Rabbit met Frodo’?:

What are you doing in my burrow?

What are you doing in my burrow?

I had fun setting up the little scene, paying attention to Depth of Field. Then using a bit of a fog filter in post-processing to give the impression of light at the end of the burrow. The burrow entrance was suggested by an off-centre vignette. Job done! And my stress levels have temporarily reduced as a result of such play…



  1. Glad to hear that this helped reduce stress Sue. The figure is very good. You have been hiding your modelling talents under a bushel…
    Best wishes, Pete

  2. I admire people who are capable of creating something new from nothing, only with their own effort and imagination.
    I love the worlds you are creating and the feelings they convey.

  3. You’re really having fun here, Sue. I love your image. 🙂

    • I wanted to see whether I could actually creat a little scene from tiny figures, and it worked…. Amazing what can be done with a close up filter on the lens, and a bit of post-processing trickery!

  4. you made those!!? wonderful!! and Frodo seems very unfazed talking to the waistcoated Rabbit!!

    • Oh no, not the rabbit….he’s a little metal figurine that I was given years ago! Beautifully crafted. I just made the Frodo figure, in my youth….

  5. Fantastically creative! I had no idea you were an expert model maker as well!!! 🙂

  6. Your scene making is enigmatic and dreamy, Sue. And you made figurines? Wonderful and talented you!

  7. That is a marvelous theme, Sue! It makes me smile, and dream.

  8. Lol…..I can send you some pics of The Shire……rabbit would still look good lol. Great shot. Very artsy & creative

  9. I love how you created this and what beautiful light and dof! So much fun to play, isn’t it?!

  10. Nicely done and looks like you had a great time doing this … now tell me, why did you give your Lord of the Rings away??? I still have my copy, but don’t remember it having many pics though … but the maps are still there!

    • Oh, trying to downsize – and I can always buy another copy from a charity shop if I really want! I read it a few times in my teens, I don’t need to read it again….

      • lol … I read it the first time as a teen … and then again as an adult .. then I read it to my son twice … 🙂 and yes it should always be available!

  11. Uhm … which means if you like I can scan and send them if you like.

  12. Oh, yes, scan the maps! Yes please!

  13. So delicate and dainty. Love it. It’s that time of year…🐰

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