Scale and Detail – 1984?

This week, I am having a go at combining the WordPress Weekly Photo challenge of Scale with Ailsa’s Travel Theme of Details. This scene was taken deep in London’s underground, on the Jubilee Line. With it’s vast scale, and rather utilitarian appearance, it always puts me in mind of Orwell’s 1984. I have used Nik’s HDR Efex Pro to bring out the textural details, and lend a more moody appearance to the scene:





  1. This is really a rough beauty – well done combo. I like the roughness and the colours. I’ll have to look out for this next time I go to London!

  2. Sas

    This is a great photo 🙂

  3. A really great image for the two themes, Sue. Well done. 🙂

  4. Two themes in go, I’m impressed. It looks really good, Sue!
    Wishing you a good start in new week,
    Lots of love from the Four of us in Norfolk,

  5. Science Fiction made real. Great photo.

  6. Smashing photo and very good judicious use of Nik’s HDR software Sue. Can so easily be overcooked. This is clearly on the rare side, just how I like it! 🙂

  7. Fantastic photo Sue, I have always admired the underground structures in the The Tube but haven’t had the time to photograph it how I would like and you have captured it perfectly 🙂

  8. That’s certainly an interesting place and image. For some reason it remind me of the Mario Brothers movie from the 90s. It definitely has a utilitarian feel. Nice shot. 🙂

  9. That is a wonderful photo Sue – it is monochrome but colour, and really emphasises those great structures. To me the Jubilee line is still new, as it was opened when I was at college! I love the sense of not really knowing which way is up in your photo.

  10. Nailed it in one here Sue. A great image and I love the way you have brought out the textures. Looks quite bleak!

    • It looks quite bleak in reality, but I wanted to emphasise that even more with the processing. Not too heavy-handed, but just enough to shift the mood slightly!

  11. Great atmosphere in a bit Escher-like

  12. Very interesting composition and use of HDR. Love it!

  13. This is a REALLY wonderful shot and beautifully post-processed. Definitely Orwellian!!

  14. Have you ever seen Fritz Lang’s film ‘Metropolis’ Sue? This image reminded me of scenes in that. The effect worked so well, proving once again that the photo has to be appropriate to show off such tweaks to the best advantage.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  15. Wow…that looks very utopian, great angles!

  16. I like the fact that all the tiny people have dull coloured clothes that fit into the utilitarian theme.

  17. Very proletarian. Like a still from the movie “Metropolis”.

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  19. This is beauty in roughness … which I love. Just amazing work here, Sue … you’re so talent.

    • There is indeed a strange kind of beauty in roughness….glad you like it. You will have to stop all the complimentary comments, or I will no longer be able to get my new H&M hat on!!

      • I’m sure a H&M hat will fit even a big headed like me *laughing … just soak it in.
        I love the beauty in some roughness. Your image here … is fantastic. You should go on the open market with your images and let people pay for them.

      • Maybe one day, after I have moved house….still too many stresses at the moment. A friend of mine told me the other day that I have coped fantastically with all the stresses thrown at me in the last few years….but part of the coping is not to add extra stresses of my own making! Plus the support from all my friends. So…we shall see 😀

      • There is many websites where they are asking for special images … company wants them for commercial usage. I think you should look into it.
        Stress is a nasty thing – but stress is also something we create ourselves and we are very good at it – so maybe take a step back … and have another look at your situation in a different way will help.
        I’m not an expert, but that is what I have done.
        Your images are very professional … so go for it.

      • Oh, believe me I have been taking a step back, it’s all part of the coping process. I shall know when I am ready to take on this kind of thing, but I do know it’s not quite yet! 😃

      • Sue, you’re a smart cookie …. there has big chances in your life.
        I have learned to accept that I will have the same problems where ever I’m and that was is a massive relief.

      • I am a pragmatic person, that’s true. And I know that some environments are not OK for me, but I have accepted that now! 😄

      • Sue, it took long this for me too … by the way what did you mean 1994????? I can replay on that comment of yours.

      • I mentioned 1984. Nineteen Eighty Four was a book by George Orwell… there is a Wikipedia article

  20. Pretty cool, it really is such a fantastic station. Again people will go about their daily business and ignoret he beauty around them.

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