Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

This week, the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Depth.

I have chosen to go with depth of field, and this image happened to come about as a result of playing about with off camera flash. I decided a narrow depth of field added to the impact:

Petals on a page

Petals on a page

More depth here.



  1. This is such a charming photograph. The fallen petals conjuring up the bouquet from which they came (tulips?) and the aged book with its well-worn leather binding. Brings to mind a cover on a murder mystery novel. Well done 🙂

  2. Beautiful capture Sue, and also illustrates some deep reading!

  3. The off-camera flash worked well Sue. I like the composition too, all the black at the top of the photo.
    Good one!
    Best wishes from Norfolk. Pete.

    • Thanks, Pete. The off camera flash enabled me to bring out the detail on the pages and the edges of the pages. Glad you like all that negative space – personally, I think it’s a bit unbalanced…..

  4. Nicely composed and thought provoking image. 🙂

    • Thanks, Lynne.. I thought it was time to try my hand with the off-camera flash

      • Yep, the camera flash acts as commander, and I had the other flash positioned higher on a tripod, and bounced the flash off the ceiling….

      • It took me a while, and I’m struggling with lighting other subjects. Flash is not really my ‘thing’!

      • Think of the flash as a showerhead that emits light instead of water. I like your use of it in this photo. Great composition, too.

      • Many thanks, Allan. This is one of my better efforts… and the flash was like a shower head here, spilling light down. I’m trying to get sideways light to work, and so far not working. Flash ain’t really my thing….

      • Stay with it and soon it will be yours. The tricky part of learning flash is that it is over so soon. You can’t step back and ponder the light, move it around and diffuse it in realtime. We are fortunate to have digital cameras and not have to wait for film to be developed and printed to view results. Patience and perseverance will be the guides.

        You have a strong foundation in lighting still life subjects and that will carry you through the intricacies of flash photography. Good luck.

      • Well, thanks, Allan…. I have to say, I much prefer natural light!

  5. Great result, the photo is awesome:)

  6. Love your thoughtful response, great image.

  7. An elegant shot Sue, full of classical warmth!

  8. Suzanne

    Depth of field definitely yet, like much of your work, there is a subtle implication of deeper meanings.

  9. Nicely done Sue and interesting response to the challenge!

  10. It’s lovely!! Something about a book! and one with petals on the pages!!

  11. PS the black background is perfect!

  12. I love how you experiment Sue and take us along in your explanations. This is a very dramatic shot, lots of depth.

  13. Lovely photo. A very creative set-up there. That book looks like a very long read 🙂

  14. Lovely! It made me smile 🙂

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