One Four Challenge – Jan Wk 2

I am a little late for the second One Four week of January… One Four Challenge is set by Robyn (of Captivate Me), and is all about processing an image 4 different ways over 4 weeks.

Crikey, this was a task! And none too successful either…. Adrian AKA Chillbrook of Cornwall photographic gave me pointers on how to move the yacht, some of which I knew already, but it did help…thanks, Adrian!

The main problem I had here was trying to do the selection..the fine motor control in my hands is not what it should be due to the MS, and it took me umpteen goes with the lasso tool…aaargh! I was saved by the fact it’s a grainy image which hides an absolute multitude of sins. Then trying to get that horizon straight after cloning the original boat out…,I can tell you it Still Is Not Straight…

I then tried to tackle the bucket, gave it a bit of sharpening and a little contrast boost, and dodged the sand a tad…. but nothing much really worked

Well here it is, and we’ll have to worry about next week’s inspiration later…..

Week 2 Cornish beach, 1960s

Week 2 Cornish beach, 1960s

For more entries, hop over to Robyn’s blog here.



  1. It looks to me like you’ve done a very good to me Sue. The new position of the yacht balances the composition very nicely.. Can’t believe that’s a week already! 🙂
    P.S. I now have my FES device and will be using it for short burst over the next few days for 10 minutes or so and then slowly extending the time. It’s making such a difference over the short distances I can manage but it’s a strange sensation after so long, having my foot held up rather than dragging. 🙂

  2. You’re surely being over-critical of the boat / water result, because I think it’s come out great! 🙂 I think this is not a very easy image to work with because it has a lot of textures and highlights / shadows, so I’m looking forward to your next version.

    • Well, you are very kind, Anita! I think I set myself a bit of a task here…I’ll have to think about the next month’s images carefully, knowing that I have a limited capacity for time spent in front of a screen…

  3. Great job with moving the yacht, Sue. This is such a lovely image anyway. 🙂

  4. poppytump

    Great job Sue ! Isn’t it amazing this editing process … it’s satisfying though when you can see a difference as in this image . I’ve found some of those tools ultra tricky to control too … ‘Umpteen’ times comes into it a lot with my efforts as well 🙂
    God luck with your next variation !

  5. poppytump

    oops typo Lol … GOOD luck !

  6. You’re being picky- by my definition that horizon is as good as! 🙂

  7. I went back to see last week’s entry and there is so much difference in this week’s photo. I think to retain the photo’s historic qualities, you would have to keep some light/graininess. Without diminishing your first photo entry, this version is really appealing! Can’t wait to see how you treat it for the third and fourth weeks.

  8. Ah, you moved that boatie! It balances the image well.

  9. Sue You always make me smile 😃 Youre way too hard on yourself 😜
    Moving the boat is no small feat and it looks great!! Your persistance has been rewarded with a beaut result.
    I love tones in this image. Takes us back straight away to days past.
    One thing I really like about this week’s edit is how it changes the story, just by moving that one tiny item.
    I feel the story is beginning, not finishing!!
    Looking forward to next week – no pressure 😜

  10. Oh this is gorgeous and I love the new placement of the boat.

  11. The moving of the boat has really improved the balance of the image. Really great work, enjoying the progression of the shot a lot.

  12. I like how the boat now balances on the diagonal placement of the bucket. It hardly seems like a week since your first image. Wonder what will come next?

  13. Very good edits of this photo. Nice work!

  14. I missed commenting on this, but wanted to be sure and say I like this. I think it’s now a very well balanced picture. Moving the boat shows skill and done well. You know, I’d leave the bucket where it is, helps the sense of balance and interest. Good work!

  15. lensaddiction

    Sue I think you did a great job on the edit given you have an extra challenging image to work with. Moving the boat is an excellent choice and I see no obvious issues with it at all, you should count this as a win 🙂

  16. Hey great job moving it! I know that is not always a graceful process but it certainly seems to have worked for you. I see that moving it does balance the photo more. And what I didn’t mention in the first week is how this photo feels like a dream, the blurred flashback kind of dream. Somehow having moved the yacht adds to this sensation having just come into view in the distance. 🙂 Good job, I’m looking forward to week 3!

    • Glad you like it! Unlike you, I’m not necessarily looking forward to week three, not a clue what I’m doing next!!

      • Lol, funny I’m kind of in the same boat. Thought I was going to have my week three ready and scheduled for post today but no I can’t figure out how to get what I want out of it. This challenge is quite fun because it’s really challenging! 😉

      • Nothing like a true challenge!

  17. I really like the feel of an old hand painted photo…

  18. Emilio Pasquale

    Sue, you could have just waited for the yacht to move! 🙂 Honestly, you did a great job moving it in post. I think I see the problem you were having with the background grain. But if you had not said anything I wouldn’t have noticed.

    • I couldn’t sort that yacht out in 1963, say, or whenever it was…..far too young for a camera. Have to blame one of my late parents for not paying attention to the composition!

      • Emilio Pasquale

        I found some old photos of my dads and posted them a few months ago after processing them to get rid of a lot of dirt and color fading. It was a fun exercise. Our parents probably knew very little about composition but boy did they come up with some appealing shots!

      • I think my father did know about composition to some degree – but for holiday shots probably didn’t worry so much!

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