One Four Challenge – Dec Wk 1

Here goes for the first week of December’s One Four Challenge, hosted by Robyn over at her blog, Captivate Me. This is Round Two of the challenge about processing one image in four different ways over four weeks. What fun!

For this first week, I decided to try and create what I saw in my mind, rather than the literal rendition of the scene….so I have stripped out nearly all of the colour, as appeared to be the case on a slightly damp late November day. Also the layers of different image elements seemed to me neatly separated – certainly didn’t need to add any elements in post processing – this is how it was served up on the day.

I have used an app on my iPad to create this image, iColorama. I have applied some slightly painterly effects here as well. I used to use this app quite a bit a couple of years ago, and forgot about it until today..

Is this what I really saw?:

Is this what I really saw?

Is this what I really saw?

Check out Robyn’s blog here to see more entries.



  1. Interesting challenge and you have made good point with your entry, Sue.
    What do we really see and what do we capture with camera. Not always the same, is it? I think the camera is a patient teacher and proofs that we see a lot more than we know.
    Have a happy week and lots of fun with next entry.
    Dina Xx

  2. cool processing!! I will have to try iColorama too.

  3. Great start for this challenge ..I love this sketchy effect but also wondering what is the original you started from? 😊

  4. leecleland

    This is a very different way to process and I really like it. I can see with this challenge the ideas that everyone brings to the posts will just stimulate so many more ways to look at processing our own images. Already in this my first week of joining I have been excited by what I’m seeing, thanks Sue and everyone.

    • Thanks, Lee….with this challenge, I feel I need to get away from purely photographic processing and be a bit more arty, (some might say gimmicky, but it’s all for fun). I would like to investigate processing more thoroughly, but time and health aren’t permitting it at the moment. So I guess I’m doing the quick and dirty, but the results might encourage me to do it better in future!

  5. Very interesting. I quite like arty effects as you know, when used in moderation or to create a defined image. Shall follow this to see where it takes you. Hope you feel somewhat better shortly though I appreciate that life can be tough with MS. Winter probably takes its toll. I send you some sunshine 🙂

    • Thanks, Jude! It’s more my eyes, they fatigue quite easily at times (unpredictably), so I try not to do stuff which requires me to be looking at a screen doing intricate stuff for too long! Hence the need for the quick and dirty…if it allows me to get my view across, then that’s fine!

  6. lensaddiction

    Its very surreal!

  7. Sue, I really like your approach and result here.
    I love the way you’ve thought about what you saw and have tried to recreate what your minds eye saw. Such a creative approach and very successful 😀
    December, here we come !!

  8. Hey Sue, I like that you have moved away from merely reproducing what’s out there and putting your own interpretation. Isn’t it fun experimenting and really thinking through what you really see and feel…Chris

  9. Emilio Pasquale

    I am of a mind to start this challenge out slowly so you can build. I mean, where will you go from here? A very interesting processing, to say the least. 🙂

    • Ah, well, yes Emilio…that’s one way! But I am thinking of going in several different directions….whether that works is another matter!

  10. Suzanne

    That’s very clever processing Sue. I really like – it reminds me of my first view of the northern hemisphere when I visited for the first time – it looked like nothing I’d ever seen before. It will be fascinating to see where you take the image next.

    • Thanks, Suzanne…actually, not clever processing, all done by an app….but I guess I had to recognise which bit would give me the eff eat I was looking for!

  11. Clever you! Nice effect, Sue 🙂 One day I might even start playing with apps.

  12. I know next to nothing about apps, but I’m beginning to see the light!

  13. The most important thing is to challenge yourself, no matter if people like the results. This is the great way to explore and learn. Your image reminds of an animated version of Lord of The Rings from 1978. There were parts of the background that looked just like your image.

  14. I find this challenge very interesting Sue I love what you have done with this image, very arty. You’ve peeked my curiosity, I’m going over now to see what others have done.

  15. It is the feel that you want to convey that matters more than what you actually saw 🙂 A great start Sue. Can’t wait to see how this series progresses.

  16. poppytump

    Great start to this challenge Sue .It pays to play around 😉

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