Spotted through the side window of my car the other day, as I was leaving friends after a lunchtime get together at Denbies vineyard cafe….took this without getting out of the car, or I would have missed the moment! It was the reflections in the puddle that first caught my eye, and then the solitary figure in red appeared….. Potentially too many elements in this image, but hey, does it really matter? Tell me what you think!

Solitary in red

Solitary in red



  1. seize the moment – proof perfect that its not always the two thirds rule that rules – great mirroring

  2. The photo reminds me of a similar area here, with a parking lot, the wine plants and trees in autumn. There was an old restaurant near by, which, in former times, had been a wine-grower’s farm. They still had a peacock there and chicken around. Inside the ambiente was warm and cosy. I knew this place since I was a kid, and I think it’s still existing. 🙂

  3. “…What you want to see, even though it is with difficulty, you should see. You should not let it pass, thinking there will be another chance to see it or to acquire it. It is quite unusual to have a second chance to materialize your desire.” Yoga Buson (1716-1783)

    Words of a haiku writer…ancient wisdom. I have found his words to be a guiding principle esp in regards to photography…that which engages me in any given moment is a gift for that moment and that moment only…as all the variables that came together to create this moment will not reoccur…not in a natural setting…it is a false statement to myself to think I will return to this time with the camera I left elsewhere.

    I enjoy your images and your energy…they are both beautiful…I am grateful that you are willing to share your creative work. Thank you.

    • Well thank you, Brenda….I love the fact that you like my images and my energy! Energy is something that is in short supply these days, but I think I can come up with bursts of creative energy….perhaps that’s what you are referring to? 😀

    • Oh, and you are absolutely right regarding the need to recognise a moment for what it is – a gift in a small slice of time

  4. It works!!! And how! The solitary figure is bonus 🙂

  5. You caught a wonderful moment in time. The figure in red adds just the right accent.

  6. Oh yes great eye to catch that fantastic reflection.

  7. Great photo! Serendipity at its best! I so agree with Madhu and Allan, the person in the red coat adds to the photo.

  8. It’s a good eyeful! Red always makes a nice little pop. 🙂

  9. I’d say that the figure in red balances the image, and without that element the figure loses a lot of strength. I also find the significant space between the trees and their reflections unusual but effective. And by very strange coincidence I was in Dorking last thursday getting a feel for the area, and liking what I saw and found.

  10. The image gods were on your side Sue, great composition, and the sombre light is perfect to give gravitas to the lady in the red coat.

  11. Carpe Diem has really paid off … I like this very much:

    autumn vineyards
    reflecting after the storm –
    a lady in red

  12. I think it works, too. A lot of elements are just fine, when they build a whole together – as in this photo. There is a lot patterns and texture that hold the composition together, and of course the mirrored worlds do the same between the bottom and the upper part of the image. I very much like it. The red person is very important, though, as a focusing point for the viewer.

  13. The beauty of the fleeting moments is in their uniqueness.

  14. Sonel

    I think it’s a perfect shot Sue. The ‘little patch of red’ just completes the scene. Stunning shot and great composition. I love it. 😀

  15. I like it too. I don’t follow many rules (or know many in terms of photography at this point and for that matter) so it didn’t occur to me that you were breaking any. Rather it is the variety of elements that appeals to me. I like how the colors of the road and the trees and vineyard butt up against each other. The puddles and their reflections (cut off tree tops) vs. the gravel. Next the gravel vs. the vibrant green. Then the short almost symmetrical appearance vs the tall more varied heights and shapes of the trees. Finally the “Where’s Waldo” character almost hidden amongst all this variation and dimension in their lone simplicity. It all works very well if you ask me. I think the subtle, very real details make this simple photo more compelling, esp when I break it apart to its pieces.

    Good decision in stopping and seizing the moment. 🙂

  16. Without the red person this photo would still be good but with the person walking in at the right moment it has made the whole composition pop. Great photo Sue.

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