Beauty in Decay/28

Adieu, Agapanthe!

In with the yellow roses (see Beauty in Decay/27 ) were some agapanthus… If anything, these have decayed even more spectacularly! I used to have agapanthus in the garden, but sadly these are no more. But I had never noticed how they said goodbye. Now I know.

Natural light from the side, alas not quite bright enough for my liking to emphasise the textures, but it is October!

Adieu, Agapanthe!

Adieu, Agapanthe!

I gave these a low-key treatment in post-processing just to enhance the effect and bring out the textures a tad.


  1. Beautiful shot…I’ve just been planting around our agapanthus and noticing that they still look magnificent even in decay.

  2. Sue you are just so good at these. I’m amazed every time. 🙂

  3. Well done, the colors are gorgeous.

  4. Wonderful words and photo. Did you know that Agapanthus is Greek and means “flower of love”?

  5. Even in their decay, flowers offer us their beauty without asking anything in return.

  6. Rather splendid, Sue. Oh, to wither so beautifully 🙂

  7. I love agapanthus – they remind me of SA where they grow wild in places. I do have one pot – three blooms this year, but I think all the petals have long gone – just seed heads now. But the seed heads are beautifully structural.

  8. THese are a very good ongoing series of shots Sue – I love the fading purples against the brown stem in this one.

  9. I love this shot Sue, the form is quite elegany

  10. I am really taken with this series of decaying flowers. As well as being beautifully shot, it is also an amazingly original idea. Great stuff Sue.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  11. Very, very nice shot Sue. I love decaying matter for an evocative picture. MM 🍀

  12. Beautiful image, even if it is of a dying flower. Gorgeous subtle coloration and the treatment you gave it makes it painterly. 🙂 I like it!

  13. Ah…sad little flower…

  14. (Maybe I shouldn’t be going backwards through the series thus far…oh well…;)) I really love these colors and while I can see why you would want more light I have to say the subtlety of what is available just adds to the emotion of this blue, so tender and yet still so beautiful. Really nice.

    While you wouldn’t have choice of background (post-processing work) you could always visit greenhouses & box stores to capture some of their dying flowers…As I look at my wilted Orchid blooms, bittersweet…

    • Well, I have recently taken a couple of images outside (not posted yet), and by controlling depth of field to ‘lose’ the background a bit, they work reasonably….

      • Lose the background… now do you mean by closing the aperture more so you have more depth of field versus opening it, more light, less depth? Or…still learning…

      • To lose the background, in this case I am talking about shallow depth of field achieved by opening the lens to it’s widest aperture….this renders the background blurred. But in this case I also underexposed slightly to make the background darker. Hope this helps! You’ll see the image soon on my blog…

      • Okay, yes I get it. That’s what I was thinking at first but then I over-thought it confused myself, lol. So yes I got it. I look forward to seeing the pic.

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