A new challenge for me

I have been absent from blogging this past week….I was scrolling through fellow blogger Billie’s (Ireland, MS, and me) blog a week or two ago when she had posted an article about latest MS news

My eye hit on “low carb high fat keto diet” I was already familiar with one MS diet, Dr Jelinek’s, but discounted it because it advocates no meat, no fish as well as all the other constraints eg no dairy, no grain. I thought “here we go again”, but read it anyway….

The tenets of Dr Wahls diet are eating for health to feed the brain and mitochondria. Whilst it is low carb, high fat, it also includes plenty of protein in the form of meat and fish. Ideally it should be organic, but Dr Wahls suggests you do what you can manage within your personal financial circumstances. There are three levels of the diet, so I am starting on the first (which is not keto) and will see how I manage. The main thing I have latched onto is to remove dairy and grains (ie casein and gluten, which are the major molecules responsible for food intolerances, and for activating auto immune responses in the body). I did some reading on the internet, and decided I would go ahead.

I got the book and for this past week have immersed myself in the Wahls Diet. The challenge is managing to eat the sheer quantity of veg (my stomach isn’t too happy with loads of raw veg), but I am finding ways to mitigate the onslaught…cooked veg, veg in soups and broths.

After 5 days, I noticed that I had some of the fine motor control back in my right hand, I can now write more legibly and for longer (I had been having trouble just writing a cheque before). I am sleeping better, and my eyes are a bit better. I have more energy, which is just as well considering the amount of cooking I am doing (bone broth, homemade coconut milk etc)!! Way to go!

I am now going to look at ways of adapting recipes to fit within the parameters of the diet, and make myself some more interesting meals….one or two this last week have been curious to say the least! But it’s early days. And I want to be able to freeze some meals so that every day isn’t high maintenance.

I had a friend over today, and she was stunned by the effect on my hand! And I was at the doctors today and asked him to check my blood pressure….it wasn’t high before, but higher than I liked. it has come down nicely…..

Hopefully, tomorrow I may be able to return to my photography and blogging in the way that I have been doing.



  1. I do hope this goes well for you Susan. I’m in your corner.

  2. This is wonderful news Sue, so happy for you…

  3. potholesahead

    Cheering you on. Wish you continued success. 🙂

  4. Wishing you success Sue 🙂

  5. Do hope this works for you long term, Sue — terrific if it did.

  6. poppytump

    I do hope all continues well Sue . I’ve heard about such diets and wondered re their efficacy . Long may it last .. any new info into the treatment of MS is always welcome by those affected – whether that ibe the one diagnosed or perhaps their loved one or carer .
    Here’s to more of that photography of yours … energy willing.:-)

    • Thank you Poppy – as I’ve said to Chillgrove, I’m going to need plenty of determination! But I think the fact that I am seeing benefits already will spur me on.

  7. So good you decided to try this. Glad things are improving!

  8. Suzanne

    Great news about your hand – I really hope the improvements continue.

  9. This sounds very interesting, Sue. Keep us updated. 🙂

  10. I have found that hope is a powerful part of healing…may this path continue to be paved with hope.

  11. That’s great Sue! Good luck with the diet.

  12. I can’t handle raw but love protein diets. Good luck and nice to see you back. I am actually working on something based on one of your posts. Stay tuned : )

  13. This is amazing – hope it’s still going well. Long may it last. Patsy

  14. The heat is so sapping isn’t it. I’m impressed by your determination so far. Good luck with it!

  15. Interesting, Sue. I should pass this on to my daughter.

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