Seasonal colours with Tangled FX

Having a play around with Tangled FX app on my iPad, which wasn’t my usual kind of thing, but I liked this result. Just a bit of larking about, not serious stuff, but I think it makes a very surreal, abstract kind of look…. and the red and green are nicely in keeping with this season.

When I’m feeling a bit below par, I need something a bit simple, no-brain-power needed!


I think the white area where the light shines through is rather too distracting…. what do you think?



  1. Very pretty! I may spend some time with Tangled FX myself this afternoon. 🙂

  2. I do not find the white light distracting. I like what you did with this app as the photo is now more of an illustration than a representation.

    • Thanks, Allan, and I agree it’s now more of an illustration… I had some fun with this, which is what we need at times!

      • Yes, we do need fun in our lives.

        A quick question: do you have any inner qualms about taking a good photograph and subjecting it to manipulation via Tangled FX or other apps? I just ask because in my experience I usually like the results, but have to fight the urge to leave it alone and appreciate it as a photo in it’s own right? I hope that makes sense.

      • I guess it depends what I want to use the image for. Most of the time I wouldn’t subject an image to this kind of treatment, but when I do, I consider it is no longer the original, and they are two separate entities, if you get my drift. Sometimes I want to get away from the purely photographic, and see what results! More often than not, I’m not too pleased with the outcome, but practice might yield better results….

      • Good insights, Sue. I am going to practice more and judge less when using the photo apps. Perhaps that will get me over the “hump”.

      • Kind comments, I’m no expert! But it works for me. In the end, they are our own images, so we should be able to use them as we see fit. That said, if I was taking them for someone else, I would have a different outlook.

  3. this is an awesome shot, Sue! i love it!

  4. I’m not saying your original photo is, but reading the comment above about manipulating images, I find that manipulation can often make a poor photo (blurred, over/under exposed etc) acceptable. I don’t often use effects on ‘good’ images – I prefer reality – but have rescued some images that I don’t want to bin by converting in to line drawings or watercolours. Experimentation can only be a good thing, even if you still end up binning the result – as you say practice makes perfect!

    Oh, and I like your result, though I might be tempted to clone out some of the white light 🙂
    Jude xx

  5. What an amazing image, it is so intricate and so interesting.

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